The Most Hilarious Country Stars On Ellen Degeneres


What do you get when you take witty country artists and put them on one of the funniest talk shows ever to hit the air? Absolute hilarity. Several country music stars have made appearances on the Ellen Degeneres Show. And each time it is ridiculously fun. Whether or not they’re talking about raising kids or playing silly games, each appearance is delightful. These are the most hilarious of them all.

Tim McGraw

Tim McGraw has a wry sense of humor, which makes for fantastic banter with Ellen. In this appearance, he was discussing the trials and fun of raising three daughters. At that time, Gracie, the eldest, was just about to turn 18. Their middle daughter, Maggie, was 16. Audrey, the youngest, was 13. “A lot of estrogen,” McGraw joked as he recalled the ages of his three girls.

He also shared about how he had recently been named one of Time Magazine’s 100 Most Influential People. In discussing how honored he was to be in a room full of scientists and world leaders, he loved that he got to share that with his wife and daughters. When Ellen asked who his daughters were most excited to meet, he immediately said with a laugh, “Kim Kardashian.”

But despite the antics of his three daughters, Tim McGraw has a deep and abiding love for them. Ellen asked him how he felt about his eldest going away to college. McGraw recalled how recently he had put on a sweatshirt with the name of Gracie’s school on it. Then, he realized that she was actually going away. He said he “just fell apart.” It was one of those moments when reality hits and you know that nothing will be the same after whatever particular event is about to occur. It was an incredibly endearing story. 

Of course, Tim McGraw ended it some levity. He quipped that in just a few years all of his daughters will be out of the house and then “my wife will actually have to deal with me.”

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