Conway Twitty’s Son Covers ‘Hello Darlin’, And The First 5 Seconds Are Unforgettable…


As a man, we lost him far too soon. As a singer, his iconic country voice is always with us. Conway Twitty certainly lives on in our memories and hearts. And his son shows us this by carrying on his late father’s tradition.

Conway Twitty (photo from

“Memories of Conway”

Michael Twitty is the eldest son of Conway. Born in Helena, Arkansas, he grew up in an emotionally close relationship with his parents. By age eight, he was on stage singing with his already-famous father.

Michael Twitty continues to honor his father with his music. Not only does he cultivate his music, but he pays tribute to his legendary father by singing the hits that made Conway famous.

His show, “Memories of Conway” provides an intimate look at life with Conway, and recalls stories of his life. Michael also performs some of Conway’s most famous songs, such as “Hello Darlin’.”

Conway’s grandson, Tre, is also part of the experience.

It seems that Michael became inspired to do the show after he learned of a few impersonators doing tribute acts. In an interview, he said, “I thought the only one who could do it exactly right and knew all the inside stories and all the stuff would be myself.”

He also said that the show is his way of “paying homage” to a great man, and keeping his father’s “memory alive.” 

And he has. He’s performed the show all over the world. Most recently, he performed in Liberty, Texas. And he once again delivered a heartfelt performance that took the audience to tears.

“Remembering Conway”

Michael isn’t the only one honoring Conway Twitty. 

Loretta Lynn is host to “Remembering Conway,” an event that recalls the life and music of the late singer. 

Twitty and Lynn collaborated on a number of songs together. In fact, they produced 11 albums and five No. 1 hits as a duet. In an interview, Lynn described Twitty as her “friend” and that her husband “loved him.” She said Conway was the only one her husband “fave a dag-gone for.”

Conway Twitty is one of country music’s first superstars, and his music lives on. How lovely that it lives on not just in the hearts of his fans, but in the voices of his loved ones.