90% Of Fans Didn’t Know That This Actually Happened To Luke Bryan


So remember that time at the CMA Music Festival when Little Big Town accidentally hit Luke Bryan‘s bus? Ok, maybe you weren’t there. But in a rather amusing sequence of events, this happened…

CMA Music Festival
Little Big Town (photo from AllMusic)

The Setup

Little Big Town, the reigning CMA Vocal Group of the Year in 2015, was hosting a special about the CMA Music Festival. For reference, the CMA Music Festival takes place in Nashville in mid-June. 

While filming for the special, a small accident occurred. Little Big Town’s Kimberly Schlapman and Philip Sweet revealed that their bandmate Jimi Westbrook caused some slight damage to Luke Bryan’s tour bus. In an interview with WBWN, LBT explained what occurred. 

“We did a skit with Luke Bryan that’s really funny and Jimi was driving the golf cart,” Kimberly said.

Philip adds, “The skit was basically we put on our talent escort shirts and we take the roles of the talent escort and escort Luke Bryan from his bus to the stage. Well, Jimi’s driving the golf cart and you know it’s all got cameras everywhere.”

This is where the trouble started.

CMA Music Festival
Luke Bryan (photo from ppcorn.com)

The Accident

With Jimi in the golf cart and cameras rolling, the stage was set for a disaster (at least a small one).

“When we went to pick up Luke, Jimi didn’t realize he had the golf cart in reverse, and he hit the gas real hard, and he whammed into Luke’s bus,” Kimberly explained with a laugh.

Philip said the impact “put a dent in the bay door,” with Kimberly adding, “Yes he did, and Luke was in there waiting on us, and he’s like, ‘What just happened to my bus?’ but Jimi whammed right into the bay door where you keep the luggage and wham and dented it, yep.”

No word on what ultimately happened as a result. The good news is that the damage was minimal. And no one filed a lawsuit. It also made for a great story later. As for both acts, they are doing quite well and continued trucking on and making hits.

The CMA Music Festival will once again take place in Nashville in 2018, June 7-10.