Watch The Best 8 Classic Country Music Covers


The only thing better than new country is when it covers old country. Sure, the sounds of Luke Bryan, Blake Shelton, and Miranda Lambert are wonderful. But hearing them do covers of classic country songs is poetry set to music. It’s the sound of those clear, resonant country voices singing the songs that root country music in tradition and soul. Here are the best of them.

8. Miranda Lambert: “Crazy”

There isn’t a jukebox in the world without Patsy Cline’s iconic “Crazy” on the list. It is one of the most classic of all the classic country songs. And there aren’t many new country stars who could cover it in a way that appropriately pays homage to the original. But with her clear voice and Texas twang, Miranda Lambert brings just the right sound to this sad ballad. 

Lambert often adds this to her setlist at shows. Here she is singing it in Glasgow, Scotland. And if you close your eyes, you might think that Patsy Cline has returned from the dead– or at least her ghost is singing it. It’s simply stunning.

7. Tim McGraw: “Workin’ Man Blues”

Often before shows, Tim McGraw and his band riff on cover songs. The best part is that they often film them and release them on social media, so you get to see McGraw and company perform everything, from Garth Brooks to Glen Campbell. In this particular video, he and his musicians are doing covers of more classic tunes. The one shown here is Merle Haggard’s “Workin’ Man Blues.” 

Similar to Lambert, Tim McGraw retains a pretty solid country sound (though not quite as much as she). And so he has the voice to really sell some outlaw country. It’s a great cover that is really fun to listen to.

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