THIS Is How Chris Young Celebrates Christmas Like There Is No Tomorrow!


Chris Young, the recent inductee into the Grand Ole Opry, certainly believes in the magic of Christmas. From the decorations to the food, the country star believes it is the most wonderful time of the year. And most importantly, the “Voices” singer loves the way holidays bring families together.

Chris loves Christmas
Chris Young (Country Fancast)

“I love everything about it”

The 32-year old Young really does love Christmas. In an interview with The Boot, Young revealed why.

“I love everything about it. Not only the time with family, but also the meaning of the season — just everything that goes along with it,” Young shared. “And it really is my downtime as a musician as well. It’s the first time that, really, there’s a full week of me at home with my parents and my sister and my step-brother, and everybody’s actually together.

“We all sit down and watch terrible Christmas movies together. There’s always entirely too much food, and there’s gifts — just all of that stuff wrapped up into one week and time period,” Young adds. “I love it.”

Chris loves Christmas
Chris Young

It’s a Griswold Family Christmas

Young said that one thing he especially loves is getting his parents home all-out-holiday-ready.

“I always do a real tree, and my family definitely always does a real tree,” shares Young. “And what normally ends up happening is, I don’t do too much to my house, but it ends up looking like the Griswold Family Christmas Party in my parents’ yard every year. I think at least three years, there’s been a more-than-seven-foot inflatable, at minimum — and not just one, but I’m saying the biggest one that I can find. So that happens every year. I know where all of those boxes are in their house. They’re all numbered. It’s a thing.”

But he again reiterated that it’s just time with family that counts.

“But just to get to be with my family, hang with them,” Young continues. “I am the guy that goes all out at Christmastime, and you know what? I’m lucky that I can, so I do it.”

Young released a Christmas album last year, It Must Be Christmas. This year, he performed as part of the CMA Country Christmas special on ABC.