Watch Chris Pratt Share His Incredibly Awkward Encounter With Tim McGraw


You know you’re a seriously big star when other stars completely freak out when meeting you. Chris Pratt has been in his share of movies (Guardians of the Galaxy, Passengers, The Magnificent 7), as well as the TV series Parks & Recreation. But even he gets tongue-tied and awkward around one of the biggest, hottest stars in country music. Pratt described his hilarious encounter with Tim McGraw, which definitely went from bad to worse. 

Tim McGraw Southern Blend

Tim McGraw, Chris Pratt, encounter
Tim McGraw (photo from IMDb)

So in case you weren’t aware, Tim McGraw has his own cologne, McGraw Southern Blend. Apparently, it’s a fragrance Chris Pratt wears. “I have his cologne, Southern Blend. It’s really good. Anna [Faris] loves it,” Pratt told Seth Meyers. “She always knows if I put a little Southern Blend on, she’s going to have to endure some love making.” This isn’t usually something one would share. Unfortunately for Pratt, he mentioned this to more than Seth Meyers.

Pratt is a big country music fan. So when he ran into McGraw at the Oscars, it was a big moment for him. He said he was immediately “star stuck.” Pratt began describing how he had been eyeing McGraw all evening, and then getting “closer and closer” as everyone filed out after the show. He knew it was his chance.

“I’m wearing your cologne”

Tim McGraw, Chris Pratt, encounter
Tim McGraw (photo from Live Nation)

Chris Pratt first complimented McGraw on the song he had performed that night. McGraw, being the gentleman he is, he simply said, “Thank you.”

Pratt admitted that he was already being pretty awkward. But to make the situation decidedly more uncomfortable, he leaned over and told McGraw, “I’m wearing your cologne.”

Chris said he immediately felt completely embarrassed and full of regret about the comment. But once it was out there, there was nothing else to do.

The Tim McGraw Effect

Tim McGraw, Chris Pratt, encounter
Tim McGraw (photo from

Luckily for Pratt, McGraw is an extremely cool guy, so nothing came of the event except Chris’ story. And who can blame him? We can only imagine how awkwardly tongue-tied and star-struck we would be standing that close to Tim McGraw. How would you react?

You can watch Chris Pratt tell the story in the video below.