Toddlers to Teens: Meet The Children of Your Favorite Country Artists


Family is a central tenant of country music. Certainly there are plenty of songs about drinking whiskey, riding in trucks, and mourning the lover who just walked out of your life. But just as central to country music are lyrics about hearth and home. The bond of a marriage. The strength of a family. And Nashville doesn’t just write about these things–they live them. So who are the children of your favorite country artists?

Garth Brooks

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Taylor, August, and Allie Brooks, the three daughters of Garth Brooks (photo from Country Fancast)

Prior to his marriage to Trisha Yearwood, Garth Brooks was married for several years to his first wife, Sandy Mahl. That marriage produced three daughters, Taylor Mayne Pearl Brooks (born July 8, 1992), August Anna Brooks (born May 3, 1994), and Allie Colleen Brooks (born July 28, 1996). 

Taylor, the eldest, is a really private individual. But her younger sisters are not nearly so much. August is married with two daughters, continuing the family tradition of girls. And of course, Garth Brooks was thrilled to become a grandfather. And the youngest, Allie, definitely seems to be walking in her famous father’s footsteps. 

Now 21, Allie Brooks grew up loving singing and country music just like her dad. She even learned to play guitar. You can frequently find her on YouTube and Facebook, posting videos of her singing classic country hits. (She has an amazing video of her singing Keith Whitley’s mournful ballad, “Don’t Close Your Eyes.”) Allie has also been seen singing on stage with with her father, with one of those times being her 21rst birthday. That was an incredibly special night, because not only did her father get to serenade her on that milestone occasion, but Allie actually got engaged to her boyfriend, Jonathon Roberts, at that concert.

Achieving the level of fame her father has is no small undertaking, but she seems to be interested in having her own music career. Whether or not she will pursue it full-time, though, is uncertain.

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