3 Legendary Women Just Started A Tour, Wait Till You Hear The Name


Put Terri Clark, Pam Tillis, and Suzy Bogguss on one stage together and what do you get? A banging tour of amazing hit songs. And that’s just what the “Chicks with Hits” tour is.

chicks with hits
Terri Clark, Pam Tillis, and Suzy Bogguss on the “Chicks with Hits” tour (photo from siouxcityjournal.com)

“A Cool Hang”

Terri Clark and Suzy Bogguss first came up with the idea of collaborating. She told Sioux City Journal that she and Bogguss were at the wedding of a mutual friend when they started singing old songs. As the evening wore on, the pair began to brainstorm ideas for a new, collaborative tour.

“I forgot how good the songs were,” Clark says. “We exchanged numbers.”

The idea began to grow in her mind as she pondered it, and also became more exciting. She shared the idea with her agent, who also happens to be Tillis’ agent. “He brought Pam up,” and the idea went forward.

Clark notes that having the three of them on the bill widens their audiences. “I do solo gigs. Pam does a lot of trio gigs, and this is a nice spoke to the wheel. We can diversify and play more dates.”

But beyond that, she said that the three of them are just “a cool hang” with personalities that gel incredibly well together. 
Chicks with Hits
“Chicks with Hits” tour member Terri Clark

“Really, really cool.”

This tour is especially meaningful for Clark. She launched her career singing covers of Pam Tillis, and Suzy Bogguss hits at Nashville’s Tootsie’s Orchid Lounge.

Now, she stands beside them on stage.

In speaking of her tour partners, the told Sioux City  Journal, “I was a huge fan, so this is really, really cool,” Clark says. “To be sitting on a stage playing these songs, instead of as covers for drunk people on stools, is very surreal.”


But more than anything, she said the tour would be fun, for both the artists and the audience. As Clark describes it, “Me and Pam and Suzy didn’t have Reba McEntire careers. But together we had one. It’s two hours of hits.” 

The tour is scheduled out until the end of 2017, and then the trio will reunite for a fall run in 2018.