The Shocking Reason Why Carrie Underwood Became Vegan


Attempting to be vegetarian, much less vegan, while growing up in Oklahoma is no small task. Yet Carrie Underwood did exactly that. But it was an evolution for Underwood, who grew up on a cattle farm. And now she famously follows a vegan diet. Well, a mostly vegan diet. Here is how she does it.

Raised On A Cattle Farm

Carrie Underwood, vegan, diet
Carrie Underwood (photo from Pinterest)

First of all, Carrie Underwood wasn’t raised as a vegetarian. Her family raised cattle, after all. And like most kids who grow up on a farm, you don’t think much about what happens to the animals. Until one day, Carrie decided to ask. When she found out they were slaughtered for meat, that was the end of her eating beef. And it seems that her family was okay with that decision. But what was she going to eat instead?

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