THIS Carrie Underwood Dream Can Be Crushed If Garth Brooks Doesn’t…


Carrie Underwood probably didn’t anticipate her husband being competition– singing competition that is. And yet, thanks to the yearnings of Garth Brooks, it seems that Mike Fisher may be the one to appear on stage next to the “Friends in Low Places” star. And Underwood said she isn’t having it.

Garth Brooks says he wants to sing with Mike Fisher (photo from Lubbock online)

Underwood Says “No Dice”

Garth Brooks and Trisha Yearwood finish their 2017 North American tour this month. Their final shows are to sold-out crowds at Nashville’s Bridgestone Arena. At a recent press conference promoting the event, Brooks and Trisha Yearwood took questions– and the stars had some surprising answers.

According to Taste of County, one of the questions revealed a rather unexpected dream of Brooks. The press asked if any of the Nashville dates would include special guests. And Brooks mentioned that he really wants to sing with Carrie Underwood’s husband. Not Carrie Underwood. Her husband, a retired NHL hockey player Mike Fisher.

“There’s a dream of mine that started with a Carrie Underwood post of her husband singing ‘The River’ three years ago,” Brooks related. “And I told him, come on, let’s finish it here!”

And Underwood is putting her foot down.

Carrie Underwood
photo from CBS Sports

Not Before I Do

In an interview with Country Countdown USA, Underwood was clear about what she told Fisher. ‘You cannot sing with Garth Brooks before I do. When I was 10 years old I met Garth Brooks and said, ‘If you ever need someone to sing a duet with you, I’m your girl.’ So I’ve been waiting for that forever.”

And poor Carrie. This isn’t even the first time. Mike and Garth informally sang together last year, and she wasn’t much happier about it then. But this is the big time. Luckily for her, Fisher keeps turning Brooks down. 

“I bet you, the phone calls, there’s been a hundred of them,” said Brooks, of trying to get Fisher to agree. “‘I’m heading out again…I’m heading out again…’ Nope! He’s scared to death.”

“I don’t think there’d be a better joy for me though,” Brooks added. “You’re talking artists, I’m talking a kid who represents his talent great and classy, and has a pretty good singing voice too.”

Maybe Fisher doesn’t have stage fright. Maybe he’s just afraid of Underwood. What’s your vote?