What Is This Story About Carrie Underwood Having A Facelift?


Did Carrie Underwood have a facelift? That’s an accusation by some, including Wendy Williams. After her fall in November 2017, there’s been a lot of buzz about what is happening with Underwood’s face–much of it by Underwood herself. So what sparked the rumor…and is there any truth to it?

The Carrie Underwood Fall

Carrie Underwood, fall, injury, facelift
Carrie Underwood (photo from Celebuzz)

Shortly after the 2017 CMA Awards, Carrie Underwood reported that she fell outside her home. The story was that she injured her wrist pretty badly. (Later updates included an x-ray of her wrist post-surgery.) Her husband, Mike Fisher, flew home to be with her. And the original story was that she was fine.

The night of the accident, her rep informed the press as follows: “On Friday night, Carrie Underwood took a hard fall on some steps outside her home,” the statement said. “While there were no life-threatening injuries, she was taken to the hospital to be treated. She sustained multiple injuries including a broken wrist and some cuts and abrasions from the fall.”

Fans relayed their love and support, which Underwood responded to on Facebook.  “Thanks so much for all the well wishes everybody…I’ll be alright…might just take some time…glad I’ve got the best hubby in the world…” she posted. 

And that was the end of the story. But then it wasn’t. 

A Different Face

Carrie Underwood, fall, injury, facelift
Carrie Underwood at the 2017 CMA Awards (photo from E! Online)

A few months following the accident, in the beginning of 2018, Carrie Underwood updated the story. She reached out to her fans with a letter that read, “”I’ll spare you the gruesome details, but when I came out of surgery the night of my fall, the doctor told Mike that he had put between 40-50 stitches in,” she wrote, referring husband, Mike Fisher. “Now here we are 7 weeks later and, even though I’ve had the best people helping me, I’m still healing and not looking quite the same.” She also told her fans, When I am ready to get in front of a camera, I want you all to understand why I might look a bit different,” Underwood wrote. “I’m hoping that, by then, the differences are minimal, but, again, I just don’t know how it’s all going to end up.”


Carrie Underwood, fall, injury, facelift
Carrie Underwood poses again for a stand against slavery, but has a new position for the X following her announcement that her face was affected by her Nov. 2017 fall (photo from Hollywood Life)

What was strange about the situation is that Underwood didn’t release any of those details in the beginning. There are few reasons why this could be.  One is that she thought the damage was minimal, so she didn’t see a point to releasing it. However, there is also a theory that she had a facelift. Wendy Williams was the one to put it forth. “I really don’t know a whole bunch about it,” said Williams. “She allegedly fell down a bunch of steps at her house, broke her wrist. She released on Twitter that we may not recognize her when it’s all said and done.”

Is there any truth to it? Honestly, that is uncertain. It is possible. Of course, it is also possible that there is a third reason. Maybe something else happened that Underwood wants to blame on the accident. But that is also just speculation. 

Whatever the reason is, Underwood isn’t coming forward to show her face. Even in recent Instagram posts, she has her face covered.