The Top 10 Carrie Underwood Awards Show Performances


Carrie Underwood is an incredibly dynamic performer. She is part country singer, part rock star, and all pipes. The 2005 American Idol winner certainly showed her amazing vocal abilities on that show (clearly why she won). But she has evolved even further as her career progressed, both as a vocalist and a performer. As such, she is often invited to perform at country music awards shows. Here are 10 of her most amazing performances from those appearances over the years.

2006 Academy of Country Music Awards: “Jesus Take The Wheel”

Never one to shy away from expressing her Christian faith, Carrie Underwood immediately connected with the conservative, faith-based country music crowd with her breakout hit single, “Jesus Take The Wheel.” This performance was just the year following her American Idol win, so she was still cementing her identity as a country music singer and performer. Here is she is clearly making a statement that she had no intention of putting her faith in the backseat on her rise to the top. And she hasn’t.

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