Watch Luke Bryan & Wife Caroline Boyer Embarrass Their Kids


When Luke Bryan married Caroline Boyer, they both knew who they were marrying. Luke is as much a clown off stage as he is on one. But as it turns out, Caroline Bryan is just as hilarious…if not more so. Thanks to Instagram, we got an up-close and personal look at the hysterical antics of Caroline Bryan. And all we can say is…you’re welcome.

Mom Revenge

Our favorite pastime is to annoy our children @lukebryan #mommakemesomelunch

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Luke and Caroline are parents to two biological children, Bo and Tate, as well as their adopted nephew, Til. (The couple adopted Til after Luke’s sister and brother-in-law passed away and are now raising him.)

In this post, the pair are determined to completely embarrass their three boys. It seems that Caroline shares her husband’s affinity for dancing, although in this case no one is taking anything seriously. (Well, except the embarrassment, which is serious.) Check out Luke and Caroline doing some down-home moves for the camera. And then appreciate that they fully admit that what they love to do is annoy their children. As she admits, it is their “favorite pastime.”

Boys of Summer

Caroline Bryan managed to capture lots of Bryan male flesh in this post. It seems that while golfing, Luke Bryan and his three sons decided to shed a few layers. As Caroline captioned, “I leave them alone for 2 hours and they change the rules of golf. Meanwhile….we make snorkeling look soooooo hot!”

Bryan has spoken about his love of raising sons in several interviews. He admits that he loves to take the boys fishing and hunting. He even remarked that being a dad is essentially spending a day untangling fishing line. And he never seems to take their antics too seriously. So he’s a great guy to be raising boys.

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