Thousands Of Fans Were Surprised To Find Out This Fact About Brett Young’s Personal Life


Just in case Brett Young’s West coast looks and smooth voice aren’t enough, there’s another reason to swoon over the tattooed country singer. It turns out he’s as romantic in life as he is in his music. 

Brett Young. Photo from Taste of Country

A Special Gift

In an interview with Taste of Country, Brett shared his most romantic gesture. 

Young and his girlfriend have been together just over six years. They started dating just as he was beginning his career. Playing in bars in Southern California didn’t pay much, and California life doesn’t come cheap.

Still, Young wanted to do something special. He explained in his interview, “I went and got matching sterling silver rings, and I just had our initials and the date we started dating engraved on the inside.”

Cute, right? But that wasn’t the end of it.

“The next year I was doing a little better, so I got a little nicer ring. So it became the thing every year for our anniversary we got matching rings,” he said. 

And he hasn’t stopped. Each year he gets her something unique and has it engraved, even if it isn’t a ring. He mentioned in his interview that “a friend…started a company called the Giving Keys, so I got a key with the word ‘love’ on it and got it engraved on the back.” 

It’s a really sweet story, but it isn’t surprising if you know his background.

Brett Young. Photo from

“The best example.”

In another interview, this time with The Boot, Young explained how much he learned from his parent’s marriage.

Young described his parents’ marriage as one of love and care. “I’ve never heard them raise their voice to each other. I’ve never seen my dad come home from work and not walk straight to my mom and ask her about her day. I had the best example set by my parents for what a couple can — and, in my opinion, should — be.”

He also shared how influential their marriage is on his music. He noted that many country songs are full of hurt, but he can draw from a deep place of love.

As for his ideal relationship? “I like the idea of a relationship where you can need and rely on each other and not feel needy and not feel like that makes you not independent,” he told The Boot.

Keep that in mind, ladies, in case this catch is ever single again!