Brantley Gilbert Gets Insanely Sexy In “Anymore Perfect”


Serious Brantley Gilbert fans know that not all of BG’s amazing music is available for purchase. The artist often releases songs underground. This means you can’t buy them or stream them–you just have to find them on the internet. Such is the case with one of his all-out sexiest songs, “Anymore Perfect.” If this song doesn’t stoke the passion fire inside you, nothing will.

Brantley Gilbert Underground

Brantley Gilbert, Anymore Perfect, Underground
Brantley Gilbert (photo from NY Daily News)

BG fans call these songs “underground.” An just why Brantley Gilbert chooses to put out unreleased music is uncertain. It could be that his executive team doesn’t think those songs would do well commercially. Or it could be that Gilbert doesn’t want all of his music beholden to dollars. After all, many artists love it when their music is successful–but hate how much it feels like you have to sell your soul to sell your art.

Whatever the reason, BG certainly does have some incredibly awesome unreleased songs. “Anymore Perfect” an example that couldn’t be anymore perfect.

“Anymore Perfect”

Brantley Gilbert, Anymore Perfect, Underground
Brantley Gilbert (photo from

First of all, this track is a completely stripped down song. It is literally Brantley Gilbert singing while he strums guitar. And it isn’t heavily produced, meaning that the sound quality is low and it doesn’t sound polished. But that is actually part of its appeal. It’s just so….raw. 

Clearly a romantic love ballad, “Anymore Perfect” once again gives us insight into the passionate depths that are Brantley Gilbert. Just read the chorus lyrics: “I couldn’t have dreamt this anymore perfect / Your heart beat, pressed gently to mine / This fevered romance must be magic / Can you feel it? / Girl this bedroom’s enchanted.”

Other lines include images of sunsets in her eyes. And the song also references candles in the bedroom, seeing her silhouette. The sensuality of it is palpable. And maybe that is why he didn’t release it commercially. That could easily take something away from the feel of the song.

It’s too bad you can’t stream the song online, but it is definitely one to add to your YouTube playlist. You can listen to the whole thing in the video below. And then go find your significant other for some lovin’.