What The Brantley Gilbert Song “Tried To Tell Ya” Really Tells You


Taylor Swift owned her crazy in “Blank Space.” Miranda Lambert had hers in “Texas As Hell.” And Brantley Gilbert embraces his in “Tried To Tell Ya.”  A sort of sexy “I told you so,” the song gives new meaning to caveat emptor. And watching Gilbert perform it live is simply incredible.

“Tried To Tell Ya”

Brantley Gilbert, Tried To Tell Ya
Brantley Gilbert (photo from NY Daily News)

Rhett Akins, Brantley Gilbert, and Ben Hayslip wrote “Tried To Tell Ya.” Gilbert included it on his 2017 Devil Don’t Sleep album. It’s a song Rolling Stone described as “a brooding, hip-hop influenced rocker with a healthy dose of Gilbert’s trademark Southern flourishes.” The song is the story of a man explaining to his lover that he tried to tell her that he was crazy. But she wouldn’t listen.

Brantley Gilbert Tells It How It Is

Brantley Gilbert, Tried To Tell Ya
Brantley Gilbert (photo from Sounds Like Nashville)

The words of the chorus explain it entirely:

I tried to tell ya I was crazy / Tried to tell you that I lost my mind / Tried to tell you I was nothin’ but trouble, baby / Yeah but baby you thought that was a lie / Now you got yourself a situation an angel fallin’ for a renegade / You can’t blame me if you tried, never save me / Yeah I tried to tell ya I was crazy

A Unique Perspective

Brantley Gilbert, Tried To Tell Ya
Brantley Gilbert (photo from Lincoln Journal Star)

It’s an interesting song in that usually people are trying to convince others that they aren’t crazy. They want to blame the other person. But in Gilbert’s case, he is completely taking the blame. He is saying it is his fault. 

“Tried To Tell You” does jive with how Brantley Gilbert approaches life. As part of drug and alcohol rehabilitation, he had to come to terms with who he was. He had to honestly face himself. This song seems to be an extension of that.Which isn’t surprising, given how candid and personal so much of his music is. It is songs like these that give him such a devoted fan base. People relate to his words and respect his honesty. What’s not to love?

You can see him perform this live on his current The Ones Who Like Me Tour. You can also watch it in the video below. Or do both! Just let us know what your favorite Brantley Gilbert song is.