Watch Brantley Gilbert Explain The True Story Behind ‘Baby Be Crazy’


When most people write a song about love, they keep their skeletons in the closet. And when they sing about crazy, it isn’t about their own. But not the case with Brantley Gilbert. In “Baby Be Crazy” Gilbert provides an unbelievably honest plea for love. And he did it with one specific person in mind. Here’s the real story.

Not Offering Flowers

Brantley Gilbert, Baby Be Crazy
Brantley Gilbert (photo from Billboard)

Brantley Gilbert and Brett James wrote “Baby Be Crazy.” Gilbert recorded it as part of his 2017 Devil Don’t Sleep album. The song takes the perspective of a man who is asking a woman to love him. But he doesn’t do it by promising her flowers or romance. He doesn’t tell her how he will always love her. And he doesn’t offer to sweep her off her feet. What he does do is to make one request of her: be crazy.

“Baby Be Crazy”

Brantley Gilbert, Baby Be Crazy
Brantley Gilbert (photo from

The song is a recognition of the fact that the match is a crazy one; a long-shot. But he asks her to take the risk. You’d have to be crazy to love me / Oh, but I wish you would / You’d have to be outta your damn mind / But deep inside, I think you could / Be the only chance in hell to save me from myself / So come on save me / Yeah baby, c’mon save me, yeah / Baby, be crazy, he sings. It’s an incredibly unique perspective for a love song.

The Inspiration

Brantley Gilbert, Baby Be Crazy
Brantley Gilbert and wife, Amber (photo from The Boot)

Brantley Gilbert writes songs that cut to the quick. His lyrics touch on sensitive themes from death to struggle with addiction. But more than that, he has a unique way of capturing the themes that make his songs personal and intimate. Even his party songs have depth (“Bottoms Up” immediately springs to mind). And so it isn’t hugely surprising that he would take that approach with love. But what, or who, was the actual inspiration?

Gilbert posted a video about the track and said that it is about his wife, Amber. He said that he knows she has to be crazy to love him. But he asks her to be just that. It’s incredibly sweet. You can see him tell the story of “Baby Be Crazy” in the video below.

Cut x Cut – Baby Be Crazy

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Posted by Brantley Gilbert on Monday, January 30, 2017