Golf and Mom: How Brantley Gilbert Prepared For Fatherhood


On November 11, Brantley Gilbert’s life forever changed. His son, Barrett Hardy-Clay Gilbert, entered the world. And with it, Gilbert entered the sacred realm of fatherhood. But he was prepared– as much as one can be for something so life-altering. During his wife’s pregnancy, he shared with Billboard how he prepped for his new role. 

Brantley Gilbert and wife Amber celebrate birth of new baby (photo from People)

“Dad hobbies”

How does one prepare for the biggest change of their life? Some parents read books. Others enlist the help of experts. Still, others take classes. Brantley Gilbert took up golf.

The country singer and songwriter shared that he thought he needed some ways to bond with his new son. So he decided to take up “dad hobbies.” And what’s more “dad hobby” than golf? 

He didn’t say how he was faring at the hobby. But he did share that he also enlisted the help of his mother, Becky. 

Brantley Gilbert and wife, Amber (photo from The Boot)

Motherly Advice on Fatherhood

Speaking about his mom, Brantley said, “She always has great advice. I think we all think that about our mothers. She raised me and put up with me, so she definitely has had some helpful advice to raising this little fellow.”

Gilbert even recorded a song about his mom and dad — “Modern Day Prodigal Son” — which became the title track of his 2009 debut album.

The song was inspired by his parent’s love for him, despite his troubled past. Gilbert had a serious drug and alcohol addiction that was nearly fatal. The prodigal son refers to the New Testament story of a rebellious young son who returns home humbled and receives his parents’ welcome.

He wrote the song when he was just a teenager and was playing it in local clubs before he became a star. It’s interesting that the song actually foreshadowed his young adult life. And now, he has the chance to provide that love and stability for his own son.

What challenges his son will present to him over their lives is uncertain. But Gilbert seems determined to meet them. And no matter what, he can always take his son to the golf course.