Brantley Gilbert Keeps An Open-Door Policy On His Tour Bus


Brantley Gilbert is something of a contradiction. The “Bottoms Up” singer is as quiet off-stage as he is rowdy on it. And his reserved nature may give the impression that he isn’t up for a good time–or a good hang. This is amplified by the fact that he doesn’t drink now. But in truth, Gilbert is a laid-back guy who is all about chilling with his friends and crew. And unlike artists who become too good for those around them, Brantley Gilbert keeps an open-door policy on his tour bus.

Door Is Open On The Tour Bus

Brantley Gilbert, tour, tour bus
Brantley Gilbert (photo from Amazon)

Brantley Gilbert is a chill guy. He enjoys his career and life on the road. He loves to connect and interact with his fans, his friends, and his crew. And the last thing he wants to be is unapproachable, despite his rough, biker exterior. So he keeps it simple. Come on in. 

Gilbert explained it this way: “To have a voice at night, I spend a lot of time on my bus. But I have an open door policy out there on the road. Unless there’s something very serious [like] a serious business conversation or something, I’ll be like, ‘Hey I’ll text you in a minute when this is over,’ you know, if somebody needs to talk to me about something. But everybody that’s on the road with us knows it’s not like, ‘Don’t look him in the eye, don’t talk to him, don’t go knock on the door.’ Hell no! Come on and hang out. It’ll be fun!”

Dedicated Brantley Gilbert Fans

Brantley Gilbert, tour, tour bus
Brantley Gilbert (photo from iHeartRadio)

Gilbert‘s amiable approach is likely the reason he has some of the most dedicated fans in country music. He is a real guy who sings about real things in a really honest way. And he isn’t afraid to only let people in with his music. He literally lets them into his space. 

Gilbert has his The Ones That Like Me Tour this year. Certainly with his open-door tour bus policy, he will enjoy amazing times and create amazing memories. And certainly a few lucky fans will even get to be part of those. Because who wouldn’t want to have a hang with ?