Why THIS ‘Explosive’ Country Star Bromance Is Making Headlines


Blake Shelton‘s relationship with Adam Levine is part bromance, part frenemy. The two coaches on The Voice have a longstanding rivalry that is definitely volatile. But at the end of the day, they also have one of the tightest friendships around. So when Shelton finally opened up about their relationship, it wasn’t surprising to hear the good, the bad, and the ugly.

Adam Levine and Blake Shelton (photo from People)

“Truly an explosive relationship”

The two are the best and worst of friends. The guys that see the line and blow past it. Guys that will always go too far. But then they’re the guys who will turn around and take out anyone who messes with their friend. 

It’s an interesting dynamic because the two are often in competition– and always in each other’s business. With that kind of closeness, they know exactly how to push each other’s buttons. In an interview, Shelton explained their relationship.

“We are constantly at each other’s throats, and sometimes we really do get mad at each other,” said Shelton, who has won The Voice four times. “We’re those two guys you knew in high school where we have this bond that is unexplainable. It brings out the best and worst in both of us. It truly is an explosive relationship.”

He admitted that the Maroon 5 singer knows how to “drive me crazy.” 

“And, I know every trick to get under his skin,” he said.

Shelton said that they don’t let up, either. “Until someone is crying, it doesn’t stop,” he admitted. But that doesn’t mean that they aren’t there for each other.

Adam Levine and Blake Shelton (photo from NBC)

Friends and Foes

When Shelton is faced with difficult times (such as his divorce from Miranda Lambert), Levine is the one who has his back. Levine even puts him up for the night. “I’ve stayed at the man’s house with him,” Shelton said.

Despite their friendship, Shelton still wants to win The Voice. In fact, maybe their friendship even intensifies the competition. And their bromance is certainly part of what makes The Voice so relatable. Shelton summed it up best: “He’s one of the best friends that I have, but I still want to kill him sometimes.”

Isn’t that true of all our closest relationships?