The Truth About This ‘Hate Relationship’ Between Miranda Lambert And Blake Shelton


It’s Nashville’s favorite feud: the divorce of Blake Shelton and Miranda Lambert. They are the couple that seemed to move on without ever really moving on. Lambert has a new boyfriend, Anderson East. And Shelton is famously dating Gwen Stefani. Yet the two always seem to be passively-aggressively throwing shade at each. So do they actually still hate each other?

A Bitter Divorce

Blake Shelton, Miranda Lambert, hate, divorce
Blake Shelton and Miranda Lambert (photo from Vulture)

It is clear from both Blake Shelton and Miranda Lambert that their divorce was pretty bitter. They both made break-up albums. He admitted that his 2016 If I’m Honest reflected his side of the story and there’s definitely some sad and angry music in there. And Lambert’s The Weight of These Wings tells her side of the story.

As she told Billboard, “If you want to hear my side of the story or my opinion of what happened, it’s all on there. There’s no mystery anymore– take from it what you will.” Wings is a double-album that is arguably more substantive than his, and her emotions run both deep and wide on the record.

They Do Hate Each Other

Blake Shelton, Miranda Lambert, hate, divorce
Blake Shelton and Miranda Lambert (photo from Us Weekly)

But despite the fact that they both said their peace on their albums, the story didn’t end there. Last year, her boyfriend called out Garth Brooks for lip-syncing at the CMA Awards. Lambert backed East on that comment. Then Shelton sent out a tweet demanding respect. It was difficult to see it as aimed at anyone but East and Lambert.

Then this year, Lambert made a move at her opening concert on her Livin’ Like Hippies tour. She changed the lines of “Little Red Wagon” from “I got the hell out of Texas” (her home state) to “I got the hell out of Oklahoma” (Shelton’s home state and current residence). It wasn’t subtle.

A few days later, Shelton performed a duet version of “All My Exes Live In Texas” at Luke Bryan’s Crash My Playa event. Coincidence? Seems unlikely.

So what’s story that the two don’t hate each other?

They Don’t Hate Each Other

Blake Shelton, Miranda Lambert, hate, divorce
Miranda Lambert and Blake Shelton attend the 56th GRAMMY Awards at Staples Center on January 26, 2014 in Los Angeles, California.

Gossip Cop is a site that exists to dispel what it views as tabloid gossip. And the site claims that hate between Blake Shelton and Miranda Lambert is simply just that.

According to their article, OK! initiated the hate story. But Gossip Cop says that the story is made up because neither Blake Shelton, Miranda Lambert, or their reps have addressed it. “Those legitimately close to Shelton are not actually talking about him with the gossip magazine. Similarly, those in Lambert’s inner circle don’t go spilling to the outlet either.” 

Is that it? The story isn’t real just because neither of them has denied it? And though OK! is a gossip magazine, it doesn’t mean that all of their stories are false. They wrote about Shelton and Lambert’s marriage being in trouble for years– and the two did divorce. 

So what do you think? Is the feud sensationalized gossip we should all ignore? Or is there something to conclude from what Blake Shelton and Miranda Lambert put out there? We want to hear your opinion.