Blake Shelton Gets Hilariously Dirty Answering Fan Questions At Concert


When People crowned Blake Shelton as the Sexiest Man Alive in 2017, several people came out in support of that decision. And they did so because Blake is so… funny. So not exactly a compliment. But in their defense, being funny is pretty sexy. Shelton is also completely hilarious. And answering some fan questions at a recent performance, he again proved just how funny– and dirty– he can be. 

Dirty But Funny

Blake Shelton, funny, hilarious, fan questions
Blake Shelton (photo from GoldDerby)

The first question Shelton answered was about his favorite part of LA and what he likes to do there. Shelton didn’t hesitate. “Really, my favorite thing about L.A. is that Gwen lives there,” the “I’ll Name The Dogs” singer answered. “That is the God’s honest truth.” Okay, that was sweet. But he didn’t stop there.

Shelton went on to answer the second part of the question, which was what he likes to do when he’s in LA. “And the one thing that I like to do there,” he continued with a sly smile and a laugh, “I can’t say her name again there, can I? That would be completely inappropriate.”

The audience roared. No doubt the “No Doubt” frontwoman also had a good chuckle at that.

Out of The Gutter, Into the Fire

Blake Shelton, funny, hilarious, fan questions
Blake Shelton with Gwen Stefani (Source:

Blake Shelton continued in an attempt to answer the LA question more thoroughly. But though his next answer lacked the innuendo of the first one, it was still pretty hilarious.

As we all know, Shelton is an Oklahoma native and still resides there. So he likes to do what country folk like to do: “burn crap.” He talked about how he burns things in his fire pit at his ranch. But in California, “they frown on fires,” he astutely noted (California historically has issues with wildfires, which were rampant this past year). So he said that he talked Gwen into going to Home Depot to get an inexpensive fire pit. Now he can safely burn things in California and feel right at home. 

Favorite Blake Shelton Funny Moment?

Blake Shelton, funny, hilarious, fan questions
That time Blake Shelton taught Jimmy Fallon milk a cow (

Blake Shelton is always hilarious. Whether he is showing Jimmy Fallon how to milk a cow, answering questions, or playing games on Ellen, he is fun to watch. What is your favorite Blake Shelton funny moment?

You can watch him answer all the fan questions in the video below– as well as share a really sweet childhood memory.