Why Everybody Is Asking If Blake And Gwen Stefani Are Having A Baby


Blake Shelton and Gwen Stefani can’t seem to escape the Hollywood rumor mill. While an anxious public awaits their engagement announcement, the gossip mags have found plenty to talk about. It seems the couples are constantly getting married, breaking up, or having a spat with the exes. But there’s one rumor that seems to consistently spread. Like the Tim and Faith’s divorce rumor, Blake and Gwen can’t seem to escape the Gwen-is-pregnant rumor. So are the baby rumors true?

The Summer Rumors

Blake Shelton, Gwen Stefani, baby, rumors, pregnancy
Blake Shelton and Gwen Stefani photo sparks talk that Gwen is pregnant (photo from Christian Post)

As early as last summer, the Christian Post was discussing all of the talk that Stefani was showing a baby bump in her mesh dress (check out the pic above). However, they quickly dispelled the rumors. They also made the case that any bump is hardly substantial evidence that Stefani is pregnant. We would like to make the point of what bump?! Seriously, is the standard now that if you have an anatomically normal belly that you must be pregnant? Ridiculous.

The Fall Rumors

In October of last year, InTouch didn’t say that Stefani was pregnant. What they reported was that Shelton and Stefani were actively trying to have a baby. According to that magazine, Stefani had attempted IVF, but it had failed. They reported that it was a particularly difficult failure because Gwen had briefly thought she was pregnant with baby No. 4. 

They also had a source who said that the couple was still trying. “While learning she wasn’t pregnant after the previous IVF treatment wasn’t easy for Gwen, 41, to hear, she’s making the best out of a traumatic situation. “Gwen found the silver living in the situation because after all this time, she really got pregnant. She had been afraid she wouldn’t be able to,” the source said. “Getting pregnant was a sign that she needed to keep pursuing IVF treatments. She knows it will happen again.”

But there’s been no substantiation of that report and no named sources have commented with same. We rate this claim as most likely false.

The Winter Rumors

InTouch speculated again on Stefani’s condition after Gwen appeared on Giada DeLaurentiis’ show wearing “an oversized flannel.” (You can check out the shirt in the Instagram post Stefani posted.) The magazine quoted another “source” who confirmed that Gwen was pregnant–again. “”Friends are saying that Gwen is pregnant right now,” said the source. But given the No Doubt frontwoman’s age, “friends don’t expect a pregnancy announcement until she is well into her fourth month, if not even longer than that.””

However, no one has noticed a baby bump on Stefani lately, so this latest rumor seems to be exactly that.

If Stefani was actually pregnant any of those times, we’d know by now. And most notably, neither Blake Shelton nor Gwen Stefani have ever publicly discussed trying to get pregnant. So it seems that at least right now, it’s just wishful thinking. Now she just better be careful not to eat a big lunch or wear a flowy top.