Blake Shelton Finally Settles Lawsuit Against THIS Tabloid After Being Called A Drunkard


You can call Blake Shelton many things, but don’t call him a drunk. Unless you’re prepared to face a lawsuit, that is. In a year that already wasn’t going well, Shelton’s usual Twitter meltdowns went much further– all the way into court. Two years later, he has finally settled the lawsuit. But has he settled the rumors?

The Lawsuit

Blake Shelton (photo from Taste of Country)

Blake Shelton’s drinking has been the cause for tabloid rumors for years, particularly during his divorce from Miranda Lambert in 2015. And the rumors weren’t without cause.

He’s tweeted under the influence, such as when he sent out “Just got off the treadmill. This calls for a drink.” He even drank during an interview with Entertainment Online, sipping vodka from a red solo cup. When asked about it, he replied, “I thought I’d get it started early. It’s been one of those weeks.”

So it wasn’t too surprising that he was labeled a drunk. But there’s a line– and In Touch Magazine crossed it. Because after they called him a debauched drunk, alleging that he urinated in public, and wrote he was going to check-in to rehab, Shelton retaliated in the most American of ways. He sued. 

His lawsuit began “Blake Shelton has had enough.” Filed with a Los Angeles federal court, it went on to say that Shelton “is not in rehab, his ‘close circle’ is not trying to seek an intervention, and he is, in fact, hard at work on The Voice and other projects.”

Two years later, Shelton had his day in court. 

The Settlement

Blake Shelton (photo from OK! Magazine)

Details of the lawsuit are not available, except that both sides will pay their own attorney fees.

But despite the suit being settled, the rumors aren’t. Even earlier this year, OK! Magazine reported that he was drinking again. In their story, they wondered how Stefani felt about it. And in a July interview with The Daily Beast (titled “Blake Shelton’s Undying Love of Vodka”), Shelton discussed his involvement with Smithworks vodka, and why he decided to be affiliated with it.

“I wanted it to be a vodka that I knew I would drink and that I would want everyone else to drink too. As you know, I like to drink.”

For someone who sues over being called a drunk, one might think he wouldn’t so heartily endorse his love of liquor. So maybe the rule is actually that you can call him a drunk– you just can’t claim he’s getting help for it.