WATCH: Brantley Gilbert Featured On First Airing Of New Grand Ole Opry Super Fan Show


Are you a Brantley Gilbert superfan? Then you definitely need to check out BG Nation if you aren’t already a part of it. You might even get the chance for a little fame. Recently, the Grand Ole Opry decided to shine the spotlight on superfans such as you with a new YouTube program, Fandom: Fully Committed. And guess whose fans were highlighted on the first airing?

Fandom: Fully Committed

BG Nation
Brantley Gilbert (photo from

Fandom: Fully Committed interviews the diehard fans, and looks at how their love for their artist influences their daily lives. And Brantley Gilbert has some seriously committed fans, the kind that put the “fan” in fanatical.  Take Marc and Tina Schardan from Missouri, for example. 

Outside their home is a sign that reads, “Unless UR God or Brantley Gilbert Take Off UR Boots.” The couple’s house is decked out with Gilbert signs and flags and tour posters. Marc owns a wardrobe of Gilbert apparel. According to Tina, Marc’s loves are “God, Brantley Gilbert, sweet tea.” Then she added with a laugh, “And sometimes me and the kids.”

Tina doesn’t even freak when Marc spends more than $500 on Gilbert merchandise (and that is sometimes just on his first trip to buy gear) because she knows it makes him happy. 

You can watch their interview in the video below.

BG Nation

BG Nation
Brantley Gilbert (photo from NY Daily News)

So where do superfans go to connect to their star and for Fandom to find them? For Gilbert, it’s BG Nation. This is actually the official Brantley Gilbert fan club. You can join at two levels, brass or silver. Brass is free, silver costs you $25 per year. But membership has its perks. At the silver level you get access to presale tickets, merchandise discounts, contests, and meet & greets. 

And thanks to BG Nation and Fandom, Marc got to meet his idol. In fact, the dedication of his fans moved Gilbert.

In a statement released to People, Gilbert reflected on his thoughts about the Fandom project. It turns out that he loves his fans almost as much as they love him.


When the Opry people came to us about kicking off their series Fandom, I was all about it,” he said in his statement. “We didn’t quite know how it was going to work, but I knew wherever they went, they were going to find the best people in the world. When we got into taping, it was so much about Marc and Tina  — I loved that! Loved the idea that viewers would get a sense of how blessed I am, because they were going to get to see what I see the kind of soul I see every night when I go out and meet the people who love this music.”

So if Gilbert is your No. 1, you definitely have some competition to be his No. 1 (fan, that is). And keep on the lookout– Fandom might find you next.