The Top 5 Best Country Songs For Summer Drinking


There’s something about summer that just brings out the best in country music. It makes sense. There’s certainly a lot of country about trucks, dead dogs, and tears in beers. But there’s just as much that celebrates life. Especially life in summer, when it’s full of long hours of daylight, bonfires, and nights spent drinking into the early twilight. So if you’re planning a summer night party (complete with a keg or two), here’s the soundtrack you need with the top 5 best country drinking songs.

1) Brantley Gilbert, “Bottoms Up”

Despite the fact that Brantley Gilbert now lives life sober, he can write one hell of a drinking song. As the title suggests, “Bottoms Up” is, in fact, all about downing that glass of whiskey. (It could be beer, but the song is so seductive that it just seems more like whiskey neat.)

Not only does the track celebrate imbibing adult beverages, but it also has a distinct sexiness to it. First, Gilbert references Bonnie and Clyde, giving it that element of vintage danger. Second, there’s a modern sense of sex to it, with lines like “Pretty little mama lookin at ya like that / Make ya wanna slide on in like girl, what’s up.” And beyond that, there’s some great country references: Dropping the tailgate on the truck, kegs, daisy dukes, and nights in the South. What else could you want from a country drinking song?

Also, be sure to check out the video for “Bottoms Up.” With amazing costumes and scenery, there’s an incredibly cool mix of 1930s meets 2010s. 

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