The Last Artists You’d Imagine To Inspire Tim McGraw And Faith Hill


You don’t manage to have two successful careers and one successful marriage without some inspiration and role models. Which is probably why Tim McGraw and Faith Hill have done so well. They know not to go it alone. They look to other couples and artists for inspiration. And they also appreciate and praise other artists, rather than seeing them as competition. So who are the ones that Tim and Faith look to?


Faith Hill, Tim McGraw, inspire, Garth Brooks
Beyoncé and Faith Hill (photo from Pinterest)

We absolutely love it when women inspire other women. Faith Hill isn’t shy about doing just that. Hill is always attempting to improve her stage presence and her performances. So why not look to one of the most successful women in the entire music industry?

“The truth is, I want to be Beyoncé every single freaking night of my life,” Hill said. “So I go out there thinking, ‘I am Beyoncé!”

There are also a few crossovers with Tim and Faith and Beyoncé and Jay Z. Though the latter couple has only toured together once, they are definitely the pop version of Tim and Faith: music royalty.

Garth Brooks

Faith Hill, Tim McGraw, inspire, Garth Brooks
Garth Brooks wins Entertainer of the Year at 2017 CMA Awards (photo from

While Faith Hill found her inspiration in the pop world, Tim McGraw is grateful for artists in his own backyard. Specifically, Garth Brooks. When Brooks landed on the scene, he completely changed the landscape of country music. He added rock elements, as well as a totally new performance style to the genre. As such, country music significantly grew its audience. McGraw recognized how many much Garth Brooks did for artists such as himself. “We all came here at the same time, but Garth is Garth and nobody can be Garth,” McGraw said. “He opened the door for a lot of us.”

Vince Gill and Amy Grant

Faith Hill, Tim McGraw, inspire, Garth Brooks
Vince Gill and Amy Grant (photo from

Another Nashville power couple, Vince Gill and Amy Grant share a lot of commonality with Tim McGraw and Faith Hill.  Tim and Faith love them. “She is an incredible woman,” Hill said of Grant. She also described Gill as “one of the most respected people in the business.”

We love seeing Tim and Faith appreciate other amazing artists. Which country artists inspire you?