5 Casual Carrie Underwood Photos Show She’s So Glam Without Makeup


Carrie Underwood is as famous for her hair extensions and smoky eyes as she is for her voice. So it’s difficult to think about her without her full glam on. Yet, even Underwood has no makeup times. And she looks much more like someone you’d just meet on the street. Here are the pictures to prove it. 

No Makeup Workout

Carrie Underwood, no makeup
Carrie Underwood takes a no makeup selfie (photo from Hollywood Gossip)

Even Underwood takes off her makeup for her sweat time. And you have to give her credit. She didn’t wait for the paparazzi to snap a shot. She just put herself out there. Underwood just looks like someone you’d see in the gym.

Thinking Hard

Carrie Underwood, no makeup
Carrie Underwood sans the glam (photo from HecklerSpray)

This photo shows Carrie Underwood looking a little bit perplexed. We aren’t sure if she is 100% no makeup in this pic, but she is definitely without her full glam, including lashes and hair extensions. Still very pretty, but much more like someone you’d just meet on the street.

A Walk on The Wild Side

Carrie Underwood, no makeup
Carrie Underwood out for a walk with no makeup (photo from Styles at Life)

There is so much to love about this photo. First of all are the sugar skulls. Carrie Underwood is an admitted fan of slasher movies and The Walking Dead. But we love that she looks so… normal. She even has the tiny muffin-top above the band of her shorts. Plus, she’s looking at the camera with an annoyed stare, which is what any woman would feel in that situation. 

Pool Party

Carrie Underwood, no makeup
Carrie Underwood, unfiltered (photo from Yahoo)

This is another photo where it appears she might be wearing a bit of makeup. But it’s definitely a non-glam shot, and shows that she doesn’t see a ton of editing for her body to look amazing. Apparently, a low-calorie vegan diet combined with serious amounts of exercise produce incredible results. Who knew?

One Of Us Is Good

Carrie Underwood, no makeup
No makeup Carrie Underwood with husband Mike Fisher (photo from Celebuzz)

There are so many interpretations as to why Underwood looks like she is giving husband Mike Fisher a big “I told you so.” She looks ready to go, given her gloves, while he looks more than a little vexed by the bike. Either way, she still looks like the next gear with the no makeup.

Carrie Underwood is clearly still very pretty without makeup. But she looks decidedly more like a normal woman you’d meet on the street. And it also shows how much glam goes into her usual look. Glam most of us don’t have time for. But this gives us all hope, right?