5 Facts About Blake Shelton He’d Be Embarrassed If You Knew


5. He used to be a beauty pageant star

5 Blake shelton facts
Blake Shelton as a child beauty pageant star (photo from Flavorwire)

Blake Shelton in so often in the public eye that it’s impossible for him to have too many secrets. Even so, we managed to find some gems about him that his fans will be happy to know.

This story resurfaced in light of him being named People Magazine’s Sexiest Man Alive. In an interview he gave to Live! With Kelly & Ryan, Shelton admitted that his mother used to enter him in pageants. He said that he hated it so much that he almost didn’t become a singer. Much of his hatred was about the fact that the other boys would beat him up for it–or he’d get mad and try and beat them up.

4. He once owned a pet turkey

Top 5 Blake Shelton facts
Turkey (Photo credit Harry R. Schwartz)

Taste of Country reported that Shelton once admitted to owning a pet turkey, aptly named Turkey. Apparently, he once intended to bring Turkey to award shows. “Up until this point, [Turkey’s] been to Arkansas one time. He has been to Oklahoma, which is where he was born, and now he lives in Tennessee. So, I feel like, without me, he doesn’t get to do things, and I feel a responsibility to show him the world.” It didn’t work out, though. Turkey died of a heat stroke in 2003.

3. He has a seriously weird shampoo

top 5 Blake Shelton facts
Blake Shelton (photo from Billboard)

Shelton told CMT that expensive shampoo isn’t his thing. Instead, he uses an interesting farm mixture. “You know, I am raising chickens now, and I have started going out to the barn, or when I am out on the road, I will go buy some eggs, and I use an egg mixture with ketchup, believe it or not. I will soak my hair in that once a week for about an hour. Other than that I just wash it in regular shampoo.”

2. Toby Keith’s “I Wanna Talk About Me” was originally Shelton’s song

Top 5 Blake Shelton facts
Toby Ketih (Photo from Taste of Country)

According to Today, Keith’s 2001 hit was actually intended for Blake Shelton. However, a record exec decided to scratch the song. Luckily for Blake, he recorded “Austin” instead, which became a multi-week No. 1 hit.

1. He was invited to join the Grand Ole Opry via Twitter

Of course, he responded with a yes. Apparently, even the Grand Ole Opry knows what an avid tweeter he is. 

So that wraps up our list of the 5 Blake Shelton facts you wish you knew. Don’t you feel better?