Miranda Lambert Shares Her Guilty Pleasure And 10 Fun Facts In Cosmo Quiz


Miranda Lambert is one of country music’s most countrified stars. The Texas native doesn’t give in too much to the pop influence of country music. And her lyrics are straight-up Southern sass. So when Cosmo (finally) decided to do a country cover shoot, who did they look to but the girl who’s as “country” as fried green tomatoes and turnip greens. And we learned some pretty fun facts about the “Texas As Hell” singer.

People and Places

Miranda Lambert, Cosmo, fun facts
Miranda Lambert kisses boyfriend Anderson East (photo from CMT)

10. If she could have dinner with one famous person, it would be Elvis Presley. Lambert said that they would “eat chicken fried steak and drink a lot.” That would be pretty epic.

9. Anderson East is pretty important in her life. She said that he was her last Google search (so that she could show off his “cute pictures”). He is also the person she calls when she is about to “have a meltdown.” Of course, the rising country star feels just the same way about his famous girlfriend. East recently made some incredibly endearing comments about his love and admiration for Miranda Lambert.

8. Her proudest moment included two very famous names in music. She said that it was “singing for Merle Haggard and Kris Kristofferson at the Kennedy Center Honors.” It would be incredibly difficult to top that.

7. She wouldn’t choose between girl-time or her time. She said that you “need both.” And given what she’s been through in the past few years with her divorce from Blake Shelton, she is someone who knows how to get through pain and loss

Life Moments and Events

Miranda Lambert, Cosmo, fun facts
Miranda Lambert (photo from Billboard)

6. Miranda Lambert admitted that the “craziest thing to happen to her on stage” was her tripping over her guitar player’s guitar cord. And then falling flat on her face. Ouch!

5. When asked how she would describe 10-year old Miranda Lambert, she replied, “Awkward.” Apparently, she had two braces (literally, just two). There was one on each of her front teeth and they had colored bands. She also said she had “big bangs.” Everything is “bigger in Texas” as they say– including the hair– so we can only imagine.

Randomly Fun Facts

Miranda Lambert, Cosmo, fun facts
Miranda Lambert (photo from MIrandaLambert.com)

4. When asked how she would describe love, she said, “Big.” She also said it was “worth it.” 

3. Her greatest compliment was a fan telling her that they threw away their scale because of her. Miranda Lambert is not a fan of scales, by the way.

2. Her favorite foods? “Titos and Cheetos.” We knew we loved her.

1. She also knows how to make up awesome words. When asked how she would describe her closet, she said, “Clutter-y” with a laugh. That sounds about right.

You can watch her entire Cosmo quiz in the video below. And be sure to comment and tell us why you love– or don’t love– Miranda Lambert!