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So many country music stars have paid tribute to US war veterans, including Tim McGraw, Keith Urban, and Billy Ray Cyrus. Our country has dedicated an entire day to our veterans (although one day does not suffice), we put their names on plaques, we give them medals.

You may not be able to write a hit song, build a monument, or honor someone so publicly. So what can we, everyday people, do to really thank the defenders of our country?

Here are just seven things you can do today to show your appreciation for a veteran.

Visit a wounded veteran at the hospital

Put yourself in a wounded veteran’s position. What if you were lying in a hospital because you were injured in the line of duty? Wouldn’t you want some friendly company?

Offer your home repair skills to a veteran or military family

Even if that veteran is able-bodied, putting your handyman skills to work for them can really show them how much you appreciate all they’ve done for you.

Deliver a meal or care packages to veterans

Many times, a military family has one parent in the service and one parent at home, possibly with children. Here’s your chance to show some real love and give that parent a break. And if you can’t cook, no problem. You can open your wallet and give gift cards to a local restaurant.

Volunteer with an organization

Even if it’s just 5 hours a week, that can make a difference. Take a look at these volunteer options:


Use the keywords “veterans” and “volunteer” and you’ll get a long list of opportunities.

Most importantly, say “Thank You”

It’s a simple and easy way to thank those who did difficult and complicated things to protect us.

Can you add to this list? Let us know in the comments! Everyone will benefit.

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