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3 country guitar songs any beginner can play

By C. Murph | Monday Monday Staff -    2016-08-24

Music brings people together. When you’re sitting around the campfire with your best friends, don’t you ever wish you could just whip out a guitar and start jamming?

You know who else wished that? Johnny Cash. Brad Paisley. Keith Urban. They were all once exactly where you are with your guitar playing. They sure didn’t come out of the womb being able to sing and play and write music; they had to practice and practice.

If you’re looking to get started on the guitar, you’re in the right place. Here are three country songs that are perfect for any beginner guitar player. And with these chords, you can play a plethora of songs — tunes to woo that special someone, or just to play in your bedroom.

Florida Georgia Line – “Cruise”

Click here for the Ultimate Guitar chord charts

FGL’s hit song, “Cruise,” is a great song for beginners to start with — it’s catchy, everyone knows it, and it’s super easy to play!

Using a capo on the third fret, the progression is G, D, Em7, and C the entire way through the song. That’s it! Now you can play along with the song until you’ve got it down pat.

Here’s proof that FGL had humble beginnings, probably like the rest of us, from their song, “You’re Country”:

“Born and raised in the south American & proud where the lost get found. Livin’ off the land and workin’ with our hands till the sun goes down. Mama’s home cookin’, daddy’s ass whippin’, and Heaven bound. If you’re anything like me, you’re country.”

George Strait – “Check Yes or No”

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You’ll want to check yes for this song if you’re a newbie guitarist. The chords you’ll need are D, A, G, and Bm. Check out the Ultimate Guitar chord charts for the exact placement of the chords, and make sure to listen along with Mr. Strait until you get the hang of it.

According to, Strait grew up working and playing hard:

“When George was a child, his mother left the family, taking her daughter but leaving her sons behind with their father. During his childhood, he would spend his weekdays in town and his weekends on the ranch. Strait began playing music as a teenager, joining a rock & roll garage band.”

Toby Keith – “As Good As I Once Was”

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This song is basically four chords: C, G, D, and A. It’s essentially the same order for the whole song, and it’s not difficult to sing either!

Keith, too, started with humble beginnings. As states, “Raised in Oklahoma City, Keith started playing music at a young age after being inspired by the musicians who worked in his grandmother’s supper club. After working for a while in the oil industry and playing defense in the USFL football league, he decided to pursue a career in music.”

There you have it. Take these songs, practice them until your fingers hurt, then show your friends, family, or whomever else your new catalog of songs.

What other country songs would you like to learn how to play? Tell us in the comments!

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C. Murph

C. Murph is a freelance writer who lives in Pennsylvania.

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