The 2016 Roger Waters Tour And What’s Next For The Ex-Pink Floyd Bassist


The 2016 Roger Waters Tour Embarks At The End Of September

2016 roger waters tour

While Roger Waters gears up for his tour, fans should prepare for a real treat. The Pink Floyd bassist is only scheduled to perform a limited number of shows, so he should pack a punch in each one. The 2016 Roger Waters tour is another installment of why Pink Floyd was a legendary band. Those new fans having never seen Floyd should find time to see the 2016 tour.  The remaining members of the band are becoming less likely to tour every year.  Having the opportunity to see Waters will not be a letdown. It should be a laser light visual assault leaving memories never to forget. 

Following the departure of Syd Barrett from Pink Floyd in 1968, Roger Waters became a creative cornerstone for the band.  Between Waters and Barrett’s replacement, David Gilmour, a collective genius was formed.  The two songwriters penned remarkable music together.  The albums Dark Side of The Moon (1973) and The Wall (1979) are masterpieces written by Pink Floyd while Waters was contributing creatively. 

The bassist left Pink Floyd following the release of The Final Cut (1987) citing creative differences to begin his solo career. Nearly three decades ago the 2016 Roger Waters tour began, everything about these shows is a result of what happened between then and now.

2016 Roger Waters Solo Album On Horizon? 

The 2016 Roger Waters Tour was not the only new material aimed for this year.  In a 2015 interview with Digital Spy, “he is in the middle of making it now and that it’s a concept album. 

He went on to explain the story, which involves a granddad and his grandchild searching for certain answers. ‘Why are we killing the children? That’s what it’s about,’ he confirmed to Digital Spy.  He also revealed that some of the songs are brand new, while others are from as far back as 15 years ago.”

Greatest Line-Up In History Added To 2016 Roger Waters Tour

pink floyd roger waters

This tour from the former Pink Floyd bassist is going to be eye-candy and music for the soul.  Waters is a great live performer with access to a large catalog of the greatest music in rock history.  His live performances have gained a reputation for the satiation of Pink Floyd appetites. This 2016 Roger Waters tour has two notable special live additions.

One weekend in the desert of Indio, California scheduled for October for 14th will be very special.  The line-up for this show: Roger Waters, The Rolling Stones, The Who, Paul McCartney, Bob Dylan, and Neil Young.  The show sold out so quickly, a second weekend was added (that weekend is sold-out also).  For any fan of classic rock, rock, music, or life itself, these are marked in the highly-rare category.  If you have the means, well you know the rest.

Roger Waters is one of the founding members of Pink Floyd which makes him rock royalty.  Whatever opinions are held by the man, he is still one of the original cast members.  In essence, the 2016 Roger Waters tour is one of the last opportunities to see any part of Pink Floyd live. 


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