loyal dogs

10 super loyal dogs [PHOTOS]

By C. Murph | Monday Monday Staff -    2016-08-31

loyal dogs
photo from www.puppyleaks.com

Whether your dog is a pickup rider, a boy-saver, or a life-changer, he or she is one of the best friends you can find. If you’re looking to adopt a dog, you’ve got to see our list of the top 10 most loyal dogs.

Check out these potential new family members!

Great Pyrenees

loyal dogs
photo from www.great-pyrenees-club-of-southern-ontario.com

This breed is a Supreme livestock guardian, an overseer and protector. So whether it’s your children, just yourself, or your actual livestock, these dogs are the ultimate choice.

Shetland Sheepdog

loyal dogs
photo dogtime.com

I mean, c’mon — just look at that face. How could you turn one of these away? They’re often known as “shadows,” following their owners everywhere. They’re typically shy, but, boy, are they ever faithful.

German Shepherd

loyal dogs
photo from forum.bodybuilding.com

Police officers love this breed. These dogs will drag a wounded warrior off the battlefield, out of danger. They’ll save your child from stranger-danger. They’re protective. If you want to be safe, this dog is for you.

St. Bernard

loyal dogs
photo from www.pilotguides.com

These dogs were first used as guard dogs, accompanying travelers crossing the passes between Switzerland and Italy. They’re huge dogs, and they’ve got your back.

Rough Collie

loyal dogs
photo from www.pinterest.com

Collies have a lot to live up to — they’ve got Lassie as their point of reference for loyalty. But this breed seems to live up to the hype. Like shetlands, collies are also one step behind their owners.


loyal dogs
photo from www.akc.org

This breed started in royal families. In Turkish, “Kuvasz” means “armed guard of nobility” — armed with size, sharp teeth, and a passion to protect. These dogs are safe keepers.


loyal dogs
photo from www.petguide.com

These dogs are smart, very strong-willed, and will do just about anything to protect you, your children, and anyone else who shows it love.


loyal dogs
photo from www.vetstreet.com

Brittany’s are super high-energy and experts at hunting. Out to please their owners, they will accompany you on your hunting trip, fishing trip, or just a simple walk around the block.

American Staffordshire Terrier

loyal dogs
photo from www.akc.org

Terriers in this breed are high-energy, faithful friends. But, unfortunately, they’re often used for dog fights because of their blind loyalty. For the decent owner, however, they’re all you could ask for.


loyal dogs
photo from www.akc.org

Caeser owned a Mastiff, probably because they had characteristic similar to him — strong, courageous, loyal. These dogs have been used as protectors of the palace, war fighters, and livestock dogs. They look intimidating, but they’re also gentle with loved ones and devoted to their owners.

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