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The world, right now, is divided into two types of people. Those walking around with their face mesmerized by their phones–and the rest of us that they annoy. As tempting as it is to completely dismiss the new Pokémon Go, you might want to consider using it as a bridge to your grandchild’s heart. 

The elusiveness quest for finding something to connect interests with your grandchildren could be literately in the palm of your hand with Pokémon Go.

Grands Matter gives you the run-down on just what you need to know to get started. 

In Pokemon Go, trainers collect fantasy creatures, Pokemon, using the geo-location feature on their smartphones. They also “capture” the creatures using a red and white ball and the camera feature of the phone. There are over one hundred species of Pokemon to find and catch. They have varying degrees of power and trainers move up in levels as they find and catch more Pokemon.

“To begin the game trainers are allowed to customize the look of their trainer with various apparel and accessories. Pokemon are found at various sites in their own neighborhoods and cities. They tend to be located at public sites such as historical markers or monuments. The trainer’s phone will vibrate when a Pokemon is nearby. The trainer then throws a poke ball to catch it.

“The game can be played in teams as well as individually. Battle strategies for defending and launching attacks become more important at this level of the game. There are certain Pokemon who are found as eggs and can later evolve into more powerful creatures.”

Grands Matter goes on to explain that there are parental settings for the game and warns that communication with parents is really important. They can set up a separate account for the game to keep their child’s personal identity and information safe. This also allows them to have some control on game-related purchases.

So taking your grandchild fishing might sound like a whole lot more fun–and it just might be. However, that’s your world. This is his.

The best relationship building comes between generations when the two worlds blend beautifully. Pokémon Go, can do that for you.

The game is not without some dangers. The public places you are sent to are the same ones that everyone else in your area is being sent to. That’s where you, as a wise grandparent, brings a much-needed element to the game.

While he is fixated on capturing little monsters, you can be on the lookout for the real life monsters that prey on distracted children.

Pokemon Go, like everything else, is what you make it. It could be about grandparents stepping into a child’s virtual world, perhaps taking him places he couldn’t go otherwise. 


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