Meditation is very important. Mindfulness is just as important. Meditation and mindfulness should co-exist and work with one another. Both helps improve the other. Mindfulness is basically awareness. And today, we’ll touch on five reasons to practice mindfulness. With great levels of awareness, comes freedom. So let’s get on to it.

Mindfulness Helps You, Even When You’re Not Meditating

We can’t meditate all the time, at least not in the traditional sense. But we can practice mindfulness on a fairly constant basis. Every moment, we have decisions to make. And the decisions make up our lives. There is a book called Man’s Search for Meaning, by Viktor Frankyl. Frankyl was the psychologist who started Lago therapy. The book was his accounts as an Auschwitz survivor. In the book there is a quote, it’s one of my favorites.

And it goes, “Between stimulus and response, there lies a space. In that space, lies our power to choose your response. In that response, lies your growth and your freedom.”

That quote describes mindfulness more beautifully than any quote I’ve ever read. The quote speaks the fundamental truth. There is a time before each decision you make, that you have a choice. The choice on what action you will take, dictates your future and your life. Mindfulness helps you make better choices. It provides you with an opportunity to question each decision. And ask yourself, “Is this what I really want?”

When you start asking that question more often, you’ll find your life changes in miraculous ways.

Mindfulness Releases Stress and Improves Relaxation

As you practice mindfulness, you naturally start to make better decisions. You also start to trust yourself better. When you make better decisions, you get better results on a daily basis. And since your life is made up of your days, your life starts to improve. With an improved life comes more money, more health, and more time. Basically, you gain more freedom. And isn’t that what we all really want, more freedom. Mindfulness helps you become the best version of yourself, and make decisions based on your true morals and values. It creates a state of congruency that is unequaled. And when you live in a congruent state, you are at peace.

Mindfulness Improves the Symptoms of Anxiety and Depression

techniquesSince mindfulness improves your life, you start to find yourself happier on a daily basis. There is less stress about relationships and bills. People can’t get to you as much as they did in the past. And you start to gain a deeper sense of self-worth. You’ll naturally start to forgive yourself about your past. Because with mindfulness, you know you’ll make better decisions about your future. And since depression comes from remorse about the past, the forgiveness that comes with mindfulness will dissolve it. Also, anxiety comes from the fear of the future. And since you’ll be making better decisions, you’ll be more assured of a better future. So your anxiety will naturally begin to fade. It’s a very wonderful process when your life begins to change.

Mindfulness Improves Sleep

More oxygen to the blood, more relaxation, less stress and a lack of anxiety. All of these combined lead to better levels of sleep. Anxiety and an over-active mind are two of the main reasons people suffer from sleep problems. Being mindful also helps you realize you can let go of your problems. You understand that they will still be there tomorrow. So you will be able to let them go and allow yourself the time to sleep. Especially when you understand that your quality of sleep has a direct impact on how you face your problems.

Mindfulness Improves Physical Health

Mindfulness will naturally start to improve your levels of health. You’ll sleep better, be less stressed and also be more mindful of what you eat. These are the basics of health. When you are mindful of what you eat, and sleep better, your health naturally starts to improve. Mindfulness allows you to make better choices. You’ll be able to ask yourself questions like, “Do I really want this cookie? Or would I rather have an apple?” The cookie may sound good in the moment, but probably not so much after you eat it. The apple will make you feel much better in the long run.

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