We live in yoga pants. There is nothing better than slipping on a great pair of comfy leggings and running errands, hitting our mat, or just lounging. Now the Modern Museum of Art is acknowledging this iconic clothing item in a big way.

Modern Museum Of Art Honors Yoga Pants

You probably own at least five pairs. Yoga pants became popular a few years ago, and it seems the trend isn’t going anywhere. Originally people wore yoga pants for downward dogs and chair poses. However, they quickly morphed into a versatile clothing item that almost every woman wears on a regular basis. They’re perfect for running errands, exercising, grabbing brunch, or just lounging around the house. Finally, these pants are getting the credit they deserve.

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The Modern Museum of Art in New York City is featuring a new exhibit this month, all about iconic clothing items. The exhibit is called Items: Is Fashion Modern? The exhibition displays clothing items that have made a significant impact in the 20th and 21st centuries. Of course, they couldn’t leave out Yoga pants.

The “Boogie Pants,” created by Lululemon in 1988, are specifically featured in the exhibit. The athletic wear company was founded in Vancouver and aimed to make traditional cotton yoga pants even more functional. Lee Holman, the creative director at Lululemon, stated, “We’re incredibly honored for the Boogie Pant to be included alongside profoundly influential brands as part of the Museum of Modern Art’s exhibit, a recognition that reflects our work as an originator brand that defines an active, mindful lifestyle.” 

The Boogie Pant

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The Boogie pant was Lululemon’s first piece of merchandise. Holman said, “Our Boogie Pant is the pant that started it all, created as a technical, functional alternative to the cotton sweats many yogis were practicing in.” Today you can buy tons of functional athleisure pieces on the Lululemon website and in stores. Some people prefer flared legs, others like them tight. They come in a myriad of colors, prints, and special fabrics.

It’s hard to picture a world without leggings and yoga pants. We certainly don’t know what we’d wear on a daily basis. Thanks to the Modern Museum of Art for highlighting the importance of our favorite clothing item.

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