yoga exercises armsJust because its the dead of winter right doesnt mean you should be neglecting your exercise routines to start working on that future summer body.

Besides the effort needed to shed a few pounds, building up your upper body strength is a tough task. Sculpting strong forearms can often leave you sore and disheartened as you continue to have muscle aches into the next day.

I understand that your immediate solution to strengthening your arms would be to go to the gym or invest in a pricey set of weights to have at home.

But what if I told you that yoga could also sculpt your forearms into shape?

Some yoga postures require you to execute isometric contractions (when muscles squeeze toward your bones) in order function properly.

Doing this can actually strengthen your forearms without the financial stress of joining a gym or buying some weights.

While some detractors will label yoga as short-lived fad for people who do not want to workout or exercise, nothing could be further from the truth.

A millennial tradition is anything but short-lived. During these thousands of years, yoga and its practitioners have made it one of the most efficient and relaxing ways to exercise your body and improve your health.

In fact, Ive actually explored how and when yoga is the best medicine. Among these, its perfect to help treat mental health issues like post-traumatic stress disorder and helping people cope with recovery from certain addictions.

It could also bring a lot of relief from the unnecessary stress we put on our backs and on ourselves. So if you ever get chance, Id recommend you join your local yoga club.

Best of all, some yoga practitioners and medical experts have even developed specific yoga poses to help boost your immune system, which is vital during these winter months in which the common cold and flu run rampant.

How does it achieve this? These yoga poses stimulate your endocrine, circulatory, nervous, and digestive system to keep you fine-tuned and healthy.

Additionally, you can also these yoga poses to improve your overall health. Best of all, they only need roughly twenty minutes of your day, making them the perfect stepping stone to creating the habit to do yoga or have a constant workout routine.

So without further ado, here are some poses that should help you out:

Forearm Strengthening Yoga Poses

  1. Crow Shifts

Simply place a block horizontally on your mat. Centering on the block, step into a squat position using your hands, at shoulder width, as additional support.

Using the block for support, bring the arches of your feet together and gradually open your legs into a butterfly position.

Slowly shift your weight toward your hands and lift yourself away from the block. Hold for about five seconds.

Rest and repeat five times.

  1. Forearm Plank

Lie facedown on your mat. You should look like youre about to do a push up. However, make sure your wrists, elbows, and shoulder are all straightly aligned. Flatten your palms against the mat.

Inhale and curl your toes in slightly lift your body from the mat. Make sure to keep your forearms and the balls of your feet firmly on the mat.

You should hold for about ten seconds and eventually work up to thirty seconds a day.

Using these simple exercises youll gradually build up your forearms in time for summer!


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