Why do you practice yoga? Is it to achieve strength, mental clarity, or even to connect to the divine? Whatever your goals and background may be, you are embarking on a spiritual journey. After all, yoga cultivates unity and invites us all to follow the compassionate path.

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What is the Purpose of Yoga?

While there are various types of yoga, the word itself translates to ‘union’ or ’connection.’ This is the true purpose of yoga. According to Spirituality & Health Media, yoga allows us to gratify the restless body with movement. We may direct awareness inward and discover a sense of oneness with those around us.

A Universal Language

The use of Sanskrit, the language of yoga, may sometimes create a foreign barrier in our practice. Although, if we look closely, we may understand that its principles are universal. ‘Namaste,’ the expression used at the end of class is translated as ‘I bow to you.’ Namaste represents the divine spark in everybody. It inspires us to honor others on their unique journey. 

Throughout our practice, we strengthen this connection by quieting the mind and grounding the body to delve into our real, compassionate self. The more we connect to this source, the more we may detach from the ego and the need for external sources to satisfy emotional fulfillment.

The Inclusive and Spiritual Journey

Compassion, connection, and unity are values that persist in all faiths and help us to transcend our differences. Yoga is a spiritual journey that is inclusive and transformational for all.

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