By this time of the year, you might have set aside your summer clothes. These easy to make scarves will be perfect for your fall wardrobe.

DIY scarves are very popular on Pinterest. Start from the classic knit pieces to sewn flannel ones. But if you are a busy person, or simply someone who never mastered knitting, the easy to make scarves listed in this article will be a perfect option.

These will be perfect to keep you a bit busy during a Sunday afternoon.

Actually, most of these will not take a lot of time to make so you’d still have plenty of time to nap or go out with friends after.

Easy to Make Hooded Scarf/Cowl

This hooded scarf or cowl was made using an old, oversized sweater.

The instructions are very easy. Simply get a sweater, cut it horizontally, and sew the edges to avoid fraying.

This works best if you use an old stretchable knit sweater. You can wear it as an infinity scarf or cowl.

To wear it as a hooded cowl, simply put it on like an infinity scarf, and lift one of the hoops up your head. This can be a perfect substitute to bringing separate scarves and beanies. It is also very cozy and stylish.

Read how to make this kind of easy to make scarves here.

No-Knit Elegant Yarn Scarf

You can make easy to make scarves using yarn, yes, but these would often require knitting.

However, this DIY yarn scarf does not require you to put those knitting needles out of storage. All you need are soft yarn, leather straps, and velcro square.

The first thing you need to do is to measure the distance between your nape and navel with the yarn. After doing this, make a skein by unraveling and forming the yarn into a hoop. Maintain the length you measured.

Honestly… WTF did this by wrapping the yarn into two dining chairs placed side-by-side. Make sure that both ends of your yarn are in the same position.

When you are satisfied with the skein’s thickness, twist the yarn so it would look like the threads are spiraling infinitely. After this, tie the ends and hide the knot using the leather straps and velcro/hot glue/leather glue.

Multi-Strand Easy to Make Scarf

This one is made from old shirt/s.

You can use more than one shirt if you want to be a bit more colorful or be cozier. Jersey knit as well as cotton shirts work well for this project.

Use your creativity and try to mix up different fabrics, colors or prints for a unique effect.

Lay the shirt/s on a clean, flat surface and cut 1.5 to 2-inch wide horizontal strips. You want the part below the sleeves to the part slightly above the hem.

After you have the strips, gather them together and secure the part that will cover your nape by tying one strip around them. Secure it with hot glue or by sewing.

You may also braid some of the strips to make the look of your scarf a bit less monotonous.

You may read the step-by-step tutorial here.

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