If you love to make things with yarn but don’t know how to knit, these yarn projects with yarn will be perfect for you.

Back in grade school, we were taught how to knit, but I didn’t exactly get the hang of it. I didn’t know if I just lacked patience or it’s not really in me.

Many people are in this situation that’s why no-knit DIY yarn projects are popular.

Another reason I found why DIY yarn projects that require no knitting are in demand is due to the limited time to make awesome DIY crafts and gifts.

Here are some of the most whimsical things you can make without getting your knitting needles out of storage:

DIY Yarn Projects #1: Woven Mat http://www.fabartdiy.com/diy-woven-rug-with-cardboard-and-fork/

For this project, you’ll be needing a rectangular or square piece of carton to be used as a loom. Use a piece of the box they use to send your packages.

The size of your loom will determine the size of the mat you’re going to make.

Next, cut slits on the short sides (width) of your loom. After that, you can start weaving your mat until you have your desired size.

You can make small sizes of this as coasters or placemat. You can also hang them on the wall for decorations or use as a table runner.

This is one of the DIY yarn projects that are very versatile.

DIY Yarn Projects #2: Woven Bag http://www.art-rageous.net/Weaving.html

Using your output from the above item, just sew it into an envelope-like pouch. Next, just weave a strap and sew it to the bag.

You can also sew a small woven mat into a coin purse.You may add zippers or buttons if you like.

DIY Yarn Projects #3: Yarn Balls and Bowls http://www.crafthubs.com/yarn-balls/7576

This is probably one of the most popular DIY yarn projects ideas on Pinterest. It’s also a frequent feature in the Pinterest Fails meme series.

The key to perfecting DIY craft projects with yarn is using the right adhesive. I recommend using a hard-drying glue.Make sure that the glue will harden the yarn, but will not make it stick to the balloon.

Also, use a stand that will hold the inflated balloon in place until the glue dries. It would be nice to remember to wrap the yarn tightly around the balloon.

These tips can also be applied to the yarn bowl idea.

DIY Yarn Projects #4: Greeting Cards http://mattandshari.com/crafts/card-making/

These DIY crafts using yarn can be made for any occasion and can also be used as placeholder during dinners, or as invitations….

Just think of a pattern, say a Christmas tree, and poke holes in a sturdy paper using a needle. The holes should create the pattern when connected.

Next, connect the pattern using the yarn. Use any or as many colors as necessary.

Make a big batch of these DIY crafts using yarn and send it to your friends!

DIY Yarn Projects #5: Tassel http://www.brit.co/how-to-make-tassels/

To do this, you’ll be needing a carton loom, some yarn, and sphere-shaped beads. Make sure to use beads that are applicable to your tassel length.Sphere beads work best for this project.

First, insert the bead midway on a piece of yarn that would serve as the tassel’s handle.

Next, tie multiple layers of yarn in the loom. After you’re satisfied with the thickness, tie a piece of yarn around the multiple strands.

Cut the untied end of the yarn. Then, insert the bead under the tied end. Finally, hide the bead by tying a small string tightly under it.

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