DIY projects with string lights are one of the craft projects that make use of one already gorgeous material to create a more whimsical output.

String lights, fairy lights, Christmas lights. No matter how we call them, they provide an ambiance that only they can produce. That is why they are a perfect addition to any room and outdoor party.

But if you can make string lights more pretty and unique, would you do it? (Of course, you will).

These DIY projects with string lights are not only easy to make and cheap, they will also beautify your home effortlessly.

Cloud Light

Who doesn’t want a levitating puff of cloud that produces lights in their own room?

Yeah. It’s not as complicated to make as it looks like. All you need are spherical paper lamps, cotton (or that cotton-like material they use to stuff plush toys with), glue, bulb, and string lights.

Just position one two three paper lanterns by hanging them on a piece of stick or tree branch. Secure them in place.

Next, cover the lanterns with the cotton by gluing the cotton on the lantern. Make sure to spread and pull the cotton with your hands to make your cloud look puffy.

After you have made the clouds, place the bulb on the lamps. Loop the wire of the bulbs around the stick and secure it with those tacks used for wiring. This is to provide support to the bulb.

After this, place the string lights under the clouds and arrange them to make them look like raindrops coming from the cloud.

Your options are not limited to bluish light. You may use pinkish, greenish, or yellowish light depending on the ambiance you want to provide your room.

Read here for the full tutorial of the above-pictured DIY projects with string lights.

Firefly Lights

I really have no idea why they call these DIY projects with string lights firefly lights, but they are actually gorgeous.

It would be perfect for a girl or a baby’s room, for wedding receptions, etc.

Just buy some yards of tulle, and cut them into small pieces. After that, tie them on the base of each bulb of the string lights.

Yeah, like putting a tutu to each bulb! You may wrap as many strips per bulb depending on the effect you are trying to achieve.

You may hang these between bedposts, around the window, or on the wall. Read about it here.

DIY Projects with String Lights: Fireless Pit

This fireless pit is cool decor for the living room or room. It can be a gorgeous furniture topper.

You will need small tree branches, lace, stones, paint, paint brush, and string lights.

The first thing you need to do is to paint the stones with white. Why white? To produce the desired effect. Its natural color will also be good if you are going for a rustic look.

Next, wrap the small tree branches with lace or paint it white (if your wood is all dried up).

When the paint dries, arrange the stones in a circular manner, pretending it’s a real fire pit. You may arrange it on top of the furniture or get a stand. You decide.

Inside the circle, make the branches stand as if they will be burned during a bonfire. Place the string lights at the center and plug it in.

Enjoy a flameless, indoor mini fire pit.

See the step-by-step process here.

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