It’s easy to buy gifts, but DIY projects for boyfriend –whether he’s a boy friend or a boyfriend – have a personal touch that makes them unique.

What makes them special is the effort you put into your project.

Sadly, not all guys are the same. Some might like your artsy craft project for a boyfriend, but others may not actually use them. This is especially true in the case of wearable crafts.

You might ask, “hey, what does this guy know about craft gifts?” I’ll tell you why. I know what guys like. And I can assure you that your boyfriend will like to receive any or all craft projects on this list.

For the first article of our series, I have listed 6 craft projects for a boyfriend that your geeky boy friends or boyfriend will love.

DIY Projects for Boyfriend # 1: Comic Book Coasters

Warning: Don’t use your boyfriend’s comic books for this project no matter how old they are.

Using mod podge, just decoupage a cutout from your boyfriend’s favorite comic book to a piece of tile, metal or wood. You can use any shape of your chosen base.

To finish your craft, just attach cork or felt under your coaster to avoid scratching your boyfriend’s table.

Tip: You can use Google Image Search to look for comic book pages. Just print your chosen image to avoid cutting those precious comic books.

DIY Projects for Boyfriend # 2: Geeky Plates

Guess what you’re going to need on this one.

You’re right! The genie of craft supplies: mod podge. If you’re going to wash the plates you’re going to make on a dishwasher, make sure to use Dishwasher Safe Mod Podge.

Attach a high-resolution printout of an image to the underside of a transparent glass plate using Mod Podge.

The picture can be a fictional map like Westeros from Game of Thrones, Middle Earth from Lord of the Rings, or the Marauder’s Map from Harry Potter. You can also use your boyfriend’s favorite character for this one.

DIY Projects for Boyfriend # 3: Geeky Wall Art

The maps and comic book pages mentioned above come here again. Instead of using them for plates and coasters, you can make wall art.

You can make anything you can think of. For example, you could make a collage out of comic book clippings. Another option is to print maps on paper and decoupage them on a piece of wood. Alternatively, you could stencil his favorite character’s silhouette on wood or directly on a wall.

DIY Projects for Boyfriend # 4: Super Mario Block Storage

If you have played Super Mario Bros. even once (please don’t tell me you haven’t), you probably remember those mystery blocks among all those bricks. Yes, that’s it. The ones with the question mark.

You could turn a simple storage box from your regular thrift store or a shelf from the flea market into a mystery block storage.

Just cut out a question mark and small circles from craft foam, and glue them on the box cover. If you know how to use a jigsaw or know someone who can, you can use wood for the question mark and circles. After gluing the cut outs, just paint the box with the proper colors.

DIY Projects for Boyfriend # 5: Miniature Iron Throne

Note: Don’t tell your boyfriend “The Lannisters send their regards” when giving him this.

If he’s treating you like a queen, I mean The Queen, treat him like the king of The Seven Kingdoms with a miniature Iron Throne from Game of Thrones. You could make this as a phone stand or just a figurine.

You’re just going to need sword-shaped sandwich pins or mini plastic sword shapes. Just poke or glue them on a foam that you need to shape from foam. Don’t worry about symmetry, or if it doesn’t look like the show’s version. The show’s throne doesn’t fit the book description anyways.

After forming the throne, paint it appropriately, and pronounce your man The One True King of the Seven Kingdoms.

That’s it! The five craft ideas your geeky boyfriend will love. If your boyfriend’s not the geeky type, just tell us in the comment section, and we’ll give you ideas for him as soon as we can!

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