Glitters are a perfect way to spice up any surface, and these crafts with glitters will make you believe in the power of a little sparkle.

We have a lot of thanks to give to whoever invented or conceptualized glitter. But we have to admit that most of the time, stray grains of glitters are annoying.

Stray glitters? Yes, those magical grains of glitters that presumably appear out of thin air.

Sometimes you did not even touch something with glitters, but you’ll end up finding some on your hands, face, etc. (They’re like the reverse hairpins or that one sock.)

These crafts with glitters will make you fall back in love with glitters and the things it can give sparkle to.

Crafts with Glitters: Travel Mug

Why do you need a glittered travel mug? Uhh… Okay, first, to easily identify which is your mug, and second, you simply want it.

For this project, you will need a mug or tumbler (the ones with removable outer plastic shell), adhesive paint and glitters.

Turn your generic travel tumbler using the following instructions:

Remove the outer plastic shell of the tumbler. Make sure it is free from any foreign particle or material.

Spray adhesive on the inside of the plastic shell.

Immediately pour glitters on the shell. Tilt the plastic shell so that all parts wil be covered by the glitters.

Spread the glitters evenly using a paint brush.

Let it dry overnight, and apply two coats of sealant the next morning.

Return the plastic shell on your tumbler. Make some fresh batch of coffee and pour them on the tumbler.

You may also use this method to make your glittered travel mug.

Crafts with Glitters: Glitter vases

Cool idea for a fancy living or dining room. Turn your boring glass candles, vases or jars into gorgeous glitter vases.

You can apply glitters on the outside or the inside of your glass containers.

If you want to put glitters on the outside, simply put painter’s tape or masking tape you don’t want to be applied with glitters.

Spray or brush adhesive on the bottle and apply glue. When you think the glue has already dried, remove the painter’s tape.

Glittering the inside will be a bit more complicated especially if you just want a dipped effect. But if you want to cover the inside of the glass, it should be easy.

First of all, mix paint and a generous amount of glitters together. Next, pour the mixture in the container and tilt it until it is covered entirely with paint.

You could also follow the instructions on how to cover the outer plastic shell of a mug above.

Read here for the full tutorial.

Crafts with Glitters: Washable Wineglasses

For your chic theme parties or dinner with friends and family.

Decorate your usual wineglasses by putting glitters on their bases and stems. Simply brush the parts you want to put glitters on with mod podge. Make sure to brush it evenly.

After that, dip the glued parts on glitters or pour glitters over it. Spray sealant so you can wash it. You may also use dishwasher safe mod podge.

Read more about it here.

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