Traveling is the worst. You sit for hours in a cramped seat. You eat processed food from the food court and hope that your luggage will get to your destination on time. However, airport Yoga is making travel days just a bit more bearable. We’re thoroughly excited about this trend.

Airport Yoga Rises In Popularity

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It used to be only true yogis would plop onto their mat in the middle of a busy airport. It takes guts to start practicing downward dog in the middle of the terminal. We’ve all wished we could do a few stretches in private before, but we’ve never had the guts actually to lay out our mats between connecting flights.

Thankfully, many airlines realize a need for an airport yoga studio. Busy travelers need a place to regain their zen, work out knots in their stagnant muscles, and return to their body-mind connection. Multiple airports have opened separate rooms where customers can go and practice on their own. 

The first ever free yoga room was opened in San Francisco. Space offered a noise-free space to stretch out. It also had free yoga mats and floor to ceiling mirrors. Secondly, Chicago O’Haire airport opened up a 15 by 16-foot area for travelers to visit. Travelers can stretch in peace with flight monitors in the room. There’s no need to worry you’ll miss a flight update while hanging out in downward dog. The Chicago Midway, Dallas Fortworth, Burlington, and Frankfort Airports all offer similar spaces, and more are following suit.

The Benefits of Airport Yoga

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There are many benefits to practicing Yoga during your travel day. For starts, sitting for long periods of time can cause muscle stiffness and discomfort. In between connecting flights, it’s important to keep moving and remain active

You don’t want to be experiencing pain first thing on your vacation. If you practice airport yoga, you’ll arrive at your destination feeling great and ready to go. 

In addition to physical pain, travel days can cause a ton of stress. All the logistics of getting from here to there can cause serious mental turmoil. A brief session of airport yoga can do wonders for your mental health. You’ll arrive at your destination feeling refreshed, not bogged down.

Would you be excited to practice airport yoga?

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