If you have an unsightly stack of old subscription magazines and papers at home that’s becoming an eyesore, I have a great solution! You should definitely try to craft with them.

Paper is a versatile material. You can make many things from it. But with thin papers like magazines, you may ask: what am I gonna do with that? I’ll tell you what, there are a lot of things you can do with paper.

Let’s skip those cut-and-paste crafts for children that are usually featured in blogs. Let’s go to craft projects that are functional. These include bowls, boxes, and even bags! It can also be used as décor.

There are many ways to craft with old magazines, perhaps the most popular is papier-mache. In this article, we have listed 3 other ways to craft with paper.

Craft with Old Magazine by Weaving http://www.instructables.com/id/How-to-make-a-weaved-newspaper-basket/

I know you have weaved using yarns, and probably wire and plastic. This process is no different with paper.

First of all, cut your magazine or newspaper pages into strips. Make sure to fold the paper strip to ensure what you’re going to make will be sturdy. Finally, follow the steps you usually do when weaving.

With this process, you can make bags, mats, baskets, and bowls.

If the weave is sealed properly, the bag you make out of paper can be made to carry many things. This will be helpful for an emergency trip to supermarkets that don’t use of plastic bags or charge you for a bag.

You can also make a laundry basket with a cover if you’re using longer strips of paper. If you have newsletter or tabloid-size paper, this can be done by gluing several strips together.

Craft with Old Magazines by Rolling and Spiraling http://www.home-dzine.co.za/crafts/craft-storage-baskets.htm

Another way to Craft with old magazines and newspaper is by rolling them.

This can be done by applying glue to a strip of paper and forming it into a roll using any piece of thin rod or stick.

These rolls can be formed into containers by wrapping the outside of containers with them and applying glue to every layer. A famous project using this method is the paper bowl pictured above.


You also have a choice of flattening these rolls out and forming them into spirals. Make different size spirals and you can give a new life to a boring picture frame or wall clock.

Craft with Old Magazines by Twisting http://homicraft.com/twisted-paper-ribbon-crafts.html

Speaking of spiraling, if you’re aiming for a rope-like look on your spirals, you can twist strips of paper first instead of rolling them.

The advantage of this method (to the former) is that it will require less amount of paper to create a bigger spiral. The spirals would also have a flatter surface and smaller height. Use this strategy for smaller projects.

If you make a spiral big enough, it can be made into a place-mat for your living room centerpiece, or other decors.

Craft with Old Magazines by Stacking Origami Triangles http://amniri.deviantart.com/art/3D-Origami-Fruit-Bowl-538369728

This project will require a lot of folding, stacking, and patience especially if you want to do fancier or larger projects.

First, you need to make a LOT of origami triangles by following the picture below. After making the triangles, just stack them on and on until you make your desired output.


Usually, people make vases, bowls and swans using this method.

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