Grandparents are sometimes more observant than the parents themselves. It is believed that grandparents who are more involved with their grandkids tend to more easily recognize their abilities. Grandparents, with their experience in life, can immediately notice early signs of giftedness. 

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How will you know if your grandchild is gifted? Here are some signs.

They stare at things with deep curiosity

Kids who tend to gaze for longer periods of time at their surroundings are said to be bright and intelligent. Whenever they seem to focus their gaze, they’re actually trying to understand what is happening around them.  Bright babies often keep eye contact and usually respond to movement and sound coming from you.

Throwing tantrums

Yes, kids are known because of their tantrums. But kids that throw tantrums, especially if you want them to stop what they are currently doing, is one of the early signs that they are gifted. Gifted kids throw unnecessary tantrums because they feel humiliated by being misunderstood or stopped from doing what they wanted to do.

Early to talk

If you notice that your grandchild learns how to talk earlier than expected, then for sure, you got a bright grandchild there. If your grandchild can speak fluently at an early age, then there is no question about that. Encouragement is also a contributing factor, so make sure you do a bit of positive teaching if you can.

Asks a lot of questions

Gifted kids are curious. They want to know everything as much as they can. One sign that tells you about the ability of your grandchild is when you’re consistently asked about things that are out of this world. Do not stop them or discourage them from asking too much, this is one way of actually hindering their gift.

Problem-Solving Skills

If your grandchild is good at problem-solving – not just mathematical problems – then your child is undoubtedly gifted. Not all children know how to analyze a situation and come up with a solution. Gifted kids know how to put things in pairs, solve puzzles, and always come up with a faster solution – or find a way to cheat their way through it.

Sharp memory

You can easily determine if your grandchild has a sharp memory. If you notice that your grandchild remembers where he left his toy train, then absolutely, your grandkid is smart. Gifted children tend to easily remember things or even places. So watch out if they remember more than you when it comes to where things are placed.

Sense of humor

Does your grandchild tell their own jokes and seem to understand adult conversation? Kids that have a sense of humor are gifted. They laugh at your jokes which their peers couldn’t even grasp. They make their own jokes and makes faces to entertain adults.

Your grandchild sleeps late

Kids that find getting up early impossible may be gifted. This means their brain is still active and is still stimulated, which cause them to need to continue sleeping.

Early to read and write

Not all the kids are capable of reading and writing at a very young age. There are programs at school to enhance their writing and reading abilities. But if your grandchild can do it with ease, that’s a very good sign.

Love for music and art

Does your grandchild know how to play any musical instrument or even hold a paintbrush like a pro? Kids that show strong interest in music and art are many times gifted.

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