How Yoga Can Bring You Asthma Relief


Asthma is a horrible disease and sadly, some people still die from it. Therefore, improving the health of the lungs and learning how to manage the condition is paramount. Although there is still much to learn about asthma and why it is increasing, yoga can help.


What Is Asthma?

Asthma sufferers have difficulty breathing because their lungs and airways are constricted with excessive amounts of mucus. The bands of muscle that sit near the bronchioles start to tighten and restricts breathing further. There are many triggers that can cause an asthmatic reaction:

  • Extreme heat or cold
  • Dust
  • Cat fur
  • Dog hair
  • Pollen
  • Exercise
  • Dust mites
  • Feathers
  • Trauma

These are the most common triggers but there are many more. Asthma can be both chronic and mild but can change in severity over time in both a negative and positive way. Asthmatics gradually learn to understand just what triggers a reaction for them personally and discover ways to avoid those triggers or at least learn coping mechanisms.

Exercise-induced asthma is usually temporary and occurs through trauma to the lungs or airways. It can, however, be a standalone condition for some and, this can be triggered by the individual having to breathe deeply in temperatures that do not suit them i.e. extreme cold or heat or perhaps when allergens such as pollen are in the air.

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