How To Make Sure Our Grandkids Are Safe At School


School shootings are not new but they’re definitely big news. And when we have grandchildren in the public education system, we need to know they’re safe in their classrooms. Could stiffer gun control laws make that happen?

will gun control laws protect your grandchildren?

The first school shooting recorded in the U.S. was in 1764. It happened when four Lenape American Indian’s entered a schoolhouse and shot dead its schoolmaster and at least nine students. During the 1800s eleven school shootings hit the news and 16 took place from 1900-19339.

Eleven more occurred in the 1940’s, seventeen in the 1950’s, eleven in the 1960s, four in the 1970’s, twelve in the 1980’s, fourteen in the 1990s, and ten and counting from 2,000. Could gun control laws have changed these numbers?

Why is it that school-related gun violence has made its mark for over 300 years in this country? It’s simple. We have guns and we have people who like to harm others. Put those two together and people will yell, scream, march, riot, loot, declare, and even shoot each other over their differences.

So, we have guns and people who use them. Does that mean we should outlaw people and guns? Just people? Or Just guns?

Guns Used for Self-Destruction

will gun control laws protect your grandchildren?

As parents and grandparents, a chill runs down our spines whenever we hear of a youth taking his or her own life. How can someone take their own precious life away from those who love them?

Why would they choose to not live and take their presence and potential? 

Since most of us have lived on this earth for several decades and been through our own trials and tribulations, it may be hard to fathom why someone else chose to avoid them. And so we feel a keen mixture of pain and sorrow, questioning, and dismay. 

Approximately 1,300 children are shot to death in America each year. Over one-third of those are self-inflicted. And for those 18 and older, there is twice the number of gun-related suicides than homicides. 

Here again, we have guns and people. This time they’re turning on themselves without innate gun control.

Where Did We Get All These Guns?

will gun control laws protect your grandchildren?

America has had guns since the first white settlers came to call. We used them for hunting, self-defense, and for the offensive take-over of property. Thus, the same ways our European ancestors used them.

The Native Americans or Indians as they have been called used spears, bows and arrows, and tomahawks for all the same reasons. 

However, the white man had the upper hand with his “fire stick.” He came from cultures that were more technologically advanced and had access to tools that made quick work of many aspects of life. Including killing. 

So, white men had their guns, came to America, and used them. And the Natives obtained them through trade and barter and used them just the same. They were a blessing and a curse. A blessing because they aided in the hunt and in protection and a curse because it was man against man and gun against gun.  

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