You will be Fascinated with these Innovative Workout Motivation Tricks by Result Oriented Trainers


Workout Motivation

Acting out on Individual’s Needs is Innovation

Fun, interesting, challenging and most of all safe workout motivation promises can entice reluctant gym goers. Innovative trainers however excel in their profession because of their flexibility. It’s not like one size fits all kind of thing. It has to be tailored for each client. How can this be possible when a trainer can only be in one place at a time? Good thing that nowadays, assisting exercise buffs and wannabes is not anymore confined in the fitness or wellness center.

Personalized One on One Training

Innovation in the fitness depot department in the world today does not necessarily mean that you’ll be dealing with technology. It can be applied by result-oriented trainers with or without the use of gadgets. You’ll be fascinated to know the possibilities that can eliminate excuses for not exercising. Watch this video how the trainer gets innovative just by designing routines appropriate for the level where his client at nice and easy at the gym:

Innovative Fitness

[VIDEO]: How would you like having a one on one session with an innovative trainer without paying the high cost? Just get into the video and follow through…

Here today gone tomorrow

Perhaps you are the type who is enthusiastic only to go to the gym in the beginning but would rather continue at home. This can also be done if you have an initial trainer who gets out of his way to evaluate you and provide you with instructions such as this:

  1. Get a clock with a second hand to measure workout duration.
  2. Improvise an 8 to 12 inches step for starters. Make it 2 steps for advance.
  3. Warm up by jogging in place for at least 5 minutes
  4. .Do 5 exercises like Step Up, Sit Up, Push Up, Side Lunge Rotation and Mountain Climbing Mimic or any applicable routines from the video.
  5. Time each exercises for one minute
  6. .Rest for one minute before you start with the next exercise. Do this repeatedly at intervals.
  7. Complete 3 circuits and advance to 5 as you feel stronger.
  8. Follow this plan at least 3 times a week.

Training App Breakthrough

What if you are too busy to even visit the gym? The Training Club or N+TC app from Nike can help. The good news is, it’s free. It’s just like having a personal trainer that will push you to your limits. You can download it through iTunes. 

The categories for workouts are self explanatory. These can be found from the app as listed below:

  • Weight loss
  • Cardio Hustle Toning
  • Definition plus Abs And Arms
  • Tabata toned workout
  • Runner’s Strength And Balance
  • Full Stretch Guide for office workers
  • Run Ready Yoga
  • Full Stretch Guide
  • Total Body Cool Down
  • Expectant mothers
  • Barre Strength legs & glutes strengthening

Yes, this is now reality. Not exercising because gym membership is not for you cannot be a good alibi anymore. You may need to admit that you are just simply lazy and would rather go on a diet with your weight loss meal plans. This is not bad for as long as you are doing something for your wellness. Do check these options out again if one day, you realize that being able to enjoy great food anytime you please without jeopardizing your health would be better by having a regular exercise. Don’t worry, that is certainly a dream come true for many.

Source: LocalFitness